Hoophead: Knicks, Bynum and the Best of NBA Week Three

  • Hoophead
  • Jeremy Repanich
  • November 16, 2012, 11:09 AM

The Hoophead is back with my weekly NBA awards. Wow, has it been an eventful first three weeks of the NBA season. The New York Knicks are the shocking lone undefeated team, the Lakers have had three head coaches, Charlotte has won three games in a row and LeBron James has continued to play on an unworldly level. What has been your favorite moment of the NBA season so far? Tell us in the comments below!

On to the picks of the week!

Sneaker of the Week
This week was Veteran’s Day, a time to remember those in the military who have served our country. Many NBAers wanted to give a little shout-out to the troops when they played over the weekend by wearing these cool stars and stripes socks. So this week’s sneaker of the week is a little less about the sneaker and a little bit more about the socks. But in case you’re wondering, these are OJ Mayo’s Nike Air Hyperdunks, and if you look on the tongue of the show you can see that Mayo has a personalized “OJ” logo embroidered on it.

Hairstyle of the Week
If you read our post about Andrew Bynum, hands down you know it goes to him. If you haven’t read it, make sure you check out his hair and seven other great NBA hairstyles.


Little Guy Play of the Week
Listen, I’ve always been partial to Nate Robinson. Yes, many times he’s on that “jack ‘em Joe” throwing up shots whenever he feels like it, but how can you not cheer for the little guy in a league filled with enormous trees. Also, he went to the University of Washington at the same time I did, so you’ve got to realize that we Huskies support each other. Well, today the little guy had the last laugh when a big dude jumped up to block his shot and Robinson ran between his legs on his way to the hoop for the fantastic finish.

Interview of the Week

In this installment, our crack Kid Reporter Jack Murphy talks to Celtics rookie power forward and Ohio State alum Jared Sullinger about football, what player his game resembles and how he likes to create a character in NBA 2K12 that looks like him then play as himself.


Dunk of the Week

Jeff Green’s drove from the wing to throw down a monster one-handed jam that posterized the Jazz’s Al Jefferson. If you watch to the end of the clip, you see KG raving at Green, “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT!”

Got a question for the Hoophead? Ask one in the comments below and we may answer it in an upcoming column!

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