The worst soccer team in Britain represents everything good about sports

  • Goalazo
  • October 16, 2012, 10:03 AM

From a very early age, athletes hear the phrase, "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." No one knows that more than the soccer players on Madron FC in Britain. The team lost 30-straight matches before getting its first-ever win last year including one game where they got trounced by a score of 55-0. But what the members of Madron FC lack in winning they more than make up for with sportsmanship. The players still love the game and want to work hard to help out their teammates. It's a spirit that would be nice to see on some of the more successful teams in sports.

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I am inspired by there energy but you would think you they wouldnt have lost 55-0

Hope they don't get trounced 55-0 again. Or worse.

I am inspired and energized to believe in anything by this article!

HockeyHawk? You still there?

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