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NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Not a lot of shuffling in this week's Power Rankings. Read on to see where your favorite team falls...

NFL Power Rankings
1Houston Texans
Last Week: 1
Houston Texans (5-0)
Losing LB Brian Cushing hurts, but don't expect this defense to slow down one bit.
2Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 2
Atlanta Falcons (5-0)
I'm just not quite sure this is an elite team. Regardless, they're running away with the NFC South and should have no trouble against the Raiders on Sunday.
3San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 4
San Francisco 49ers (4-1)
The 49ers's offense is looking just as good as their D right now. The NFC is looking a lot like a two-team race between San Fran and Atlanta.
4Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 3
Baltimore Ravens (4-1)
The Ravens won ugly in K.C. as their no-huddle offense hasn't been too great of late. Their D has looked a step slow too, though an early return by LB Terrell Suggs could change that.
5New England Patriots
Last Week: 6
New England Patriots (3-2)
Whoa boy. Look out for the Patriots. Tom Brady is playing like a man possessed once again.
6Chicago Bears
Last Week: 9
Chicago Bears (4-1)
Wow. There's still plenty of question marks surrounding this offense, but it seems like the defense is going to outscore most teams anyway.
7Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 11
Minnesota Vikings (4-1)
The Vikings keep finding a way to win because they're well-coached and limit their mistakes. Oh, and in case you didn't notice, Percy Harvin is a BEAST! This team is going to stay in the playoff hunt all season.
8Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 5
Arizona Cardinals (4-1)
The Cardinals need to start protecting the quarterback, or they'll fade out of the playoff picture fast. Giving up nine sacks to the Rams is just embarrassing.
9New York Giants
Last Week: 10
New York Giants (3-2)
Eli really has this passing game going, even with Hakeem Nicks sidelined. Now they just need to get Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and the pass rush going.
10Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 18
Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)
The Steelers got a big home win over the Eagles despite the fact that their passing game still isn't clicking and S Troy Polamalu got hurt again. We'll see how they fare on the road in a short week Thursday night when they head to Tennessee.
11Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 8
Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)
The Eagles offense just can't get it right, especially Michael Vick. You can't win when your quarterback turns it over at the worst possible times.
12Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 7
Green Bay Packers (2-3)
It's time to worry, Pack fans. The defense let one slip away in Indy, and the offense isn't playing well enough to carry the team right now.
13San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 13
San Diego Chargers (3-2)
Sunday night it looked like the same old Chargers when they blew a lead in New Orleans. And they have to be very worried about left tackle Jared Gaither, who was too injured to move late in the game.
14St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 15
St. Louis Rams (3-2)
The Rams defense might be the most improved unit in football this year (nine sacks against the Cards!). But Sam Bradford has to step up for them to make a playoff run, and it's going to be much harder with WR Danny Amendola out for the year.
15Denver Broncos
Last Week: 14
Denver Broncos (2-3)
The Broncos have had a couple tough losses, but it looks like they're getting used to life with Peyton Manning. Now they just need Willis McGahee to either learn how to hang on to the ball, or sit on the bench.
16Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 16
Seattle Seahawks (3-2)
The Seahawks are always tough at home, so this week will be an interesting test when they host the Patriots.
17Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 12
Cincinnati Bengals (3-2)
The Bengals usually beat bad teams and lose to the good ones. That's why it was surprising to see them upset by the rebuilding Dolphins last week.
18Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 17
Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
Tony Romo had a week off to think about his ugly, 5-INT Monday Night performance against the Bears. Let's see how he bounces back on Sunday.
19Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 29
Indianapolis Colts (2-2)
Wow, what a win last week for Indy! With their head coach in the hospital getting treated for cancer, the Colts pulled out a huge comeback win over the Packers. Let's see if this underdog story can gain some momentum.
20Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 25
Miami Dolphins (2-3)
The Dolphins are better than a lot of people think. Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill is making major strides as a signal-caller, and their defense is tough as always.
21Washington Redskins
Last Week: 19
Washington Redskins (2-3)
Washington better hope that Robert Griffin III doesn't miss much time after suffering a concussion last week. Without him, this team is hopeless.
22New York Jets
Last Week: 20
New York Jets (2-3)
This looks like a lost year for the Jets. Too many injuries and not nearly enough firepower on offense.
23Detroit Lions
Last Week: 22
Detroit Lions (1-3)
The Lions had a week off to sort things out. If they don't go back to their pass-heavy offense and get Calvin Johnson involved, they can forget about even having a winning record.
24Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 21
Buffalo Bills (2-3)
The Bills spent a ton of money on their defense this offseason, including a monster deal for DE Mario Williams, but the past two weeks they've been completely overmatched against New England, then San Francisco. This team needs a big performance in Arizona on Sunday.
25Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 23
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)
The Bucs just seem like they're still at least a year away from competing for a Wild Card spot. QB Josh Freeman is still a little too inconsistent.
26New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 27
New Orleans Saints (1-4)
The Saints finally got on the board last Sunday night, but it wasn't pretty. Their defense is too much of a mess for them to make a run at the playoffs.
27Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 24
Carolina Panthers (1-4)
Boy, what a disappointment the Panthers have been. Cam Newton has to learn how to be a better passer to make the leap to superstar QB, but right now he's struggling to make the adjustment.
28Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 31
Oakland Raiders (1-3)
The Raiders are inconsistent, but they're capable of surprising teams. Let's see if they can pull off a shocker in Atlanta on Sunday.
29Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 26
Kansas City Chiefs (1-4)
With Matt Cassel sidelined, Brady Quinn gets the start this week. That's not good news, but at least it's something different for the Chiefs' struggling offense.
30Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 32
Cleveland Browns (0-5)
The Browns are better than their winless record suggests, but they just don't know how to win games right now. And losing LB D'Qwell Jackson to a concussion last week really did them in against the Giants.
31Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 30
Tennessee Titans (1-4)
The Titans need to show something on Thursday night when they host the Steelers, or this season is going to be a lost cause.
32Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 28
Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)
Last week's home loss to Chicago was one of the ugliest performances you'll ever see from a team. QB Blaine Gabbert is still a long way from being an NFL-caliber quarterback.
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ravens all the way to the superbowl

how do you do the power rankings

Lions are going to be #1

those power rankings seem wrong because i went to ESPN and it said that the lions were in 14th place

25. thats IT? cmon



I have a college football blog check it out!

When we get Suggs back we'll be unstoppable. Go Ravens!!!

Ditto the go Ravens! Defending DPOTY will sizzle!

Texans or Vikings!!!!!!

Texans or Vikings!!!!!!

Yay the titans won!

Pretty Soon Niners Are Going 2 Be In 1st Place

You wanna bet?

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