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Gary Gramling

Fantasy Football Tips: Rookies Are Ready! 27

  • Fantasy Fix
  • Posted by: Gary Gramling
  • October 10, 2012, 3:22 PM

It's not easy being a rookie in the NFL. The playbooks are HUGE, the opponents are HUGER, and everyone is really, really fast. Even the fat guys!

But this is the time of year that a lot of rookies start to settle in. Obviously, Robert Griffin III is off to a fast start. But from here on in, I expect Andre Luck to be just as good. Even Ryan Tannehill is showing signs of being a very good quarterback as a rookie.

And look out for Trent Richardson. The Browns rookie got off to a bit of a slow start because of some knee problems, but it looks like he's 100% and ready to start dominating. It's never a good idea to rely on rookies early on, but right about now is when you'll see the young guys start to break out.

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trent richardson is awesome

The best super bowl this year is or may be the Redskins with RG3 or the Colts with Andrew Luck.

rg3 stunk this year!


RG 1,2,3!

Go Luck and Chuck Strong

It will be a close race in the Rookie of The Year voting between RG3,Luck,and Richardson.

I've been starting RG3 and Doug Martin.

RG3 is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im starting rg3 and luck

I don't play fantasy football, but I watch football. but I like hearing about the rookies and that they're getting a lot better now. I like the way Robert Griffin plays.

RG3 will win rookie of the year. He is OUTSTANDING!


Let's go RG3



his name is andrew luck not andre


me to my dog get down and bark

good post i feel u

Go RG3!!!!!

EhtierRG3 or TR33 will win rook of the year


I think Luck is in that conversation, he reallyturned that team around

TT33 Will!

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