10 Questions With... Drew Brees

The New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees is an all-time great on the field. In Week 5 he broke legendary quarterback Johnny Unitas’s record when he threw his 48th consecutive touchdown pass. But the Super Bowl champion is also a hero off the field, helping his community through the Brees Dream Foundation. Last month he teamed up with Samsung and Best Buy to donate money and electronics to the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast LouisianaBrees also led a football clinic for the kids. What‘s his top piece of advice for young players? “The game is supposed to be fun, so have fun,” says Brees. We challenged the star QB to have some fun himself in answering our 10 Questions.

1. What time is your alarm set for?
5:15 a.m.
2. Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry ice cream?
So Delicious Chocolate
3. What was your childhood nickname?
Cool Brees
4. If you weren’t an athlete, what would you want to do?
5. Why do you wear the jersey number you do?
Because Ted Williams was one of my idols growing up and he wore number 9.
6. What is your favorite city to compete in?
New Orleans
7. What do you do on days off?
I spend time with my wife Brittany and our three boys.
8. Who is the greatest athlete of all-time?
Jim Thorpe
9. Who is your best friend in sports?
My offensive line
10. What is the last (non-food) item that you purchased?
A tool set for my oldest son Baylen

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Hey, Brees you are my favorite quarter back and you are also my hero. My favorite number is 9 because of you and every time I play my madden10 ps3 game I play with the saints and always win when I use you guys. Colston, Moore, Evans, Bush, and you, I LOVE the Saints.

GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Umm... I'm sorry, but how could your offensive line be your best friend?

I have no idea.

Drew Brees is awesome he plays on the best tean and is my role model

same here he is a huge factor for me because3 he is me role model

Question 6 is obvious.

Drew Brees is my favorite qaurterback and he didnt suprise me that he broke Dan Marinos record or the consecutive passing touchdown regord.

your awsome

Question 10 is awkward

sweet nickname cool Brees

I like neapolitan ice cream!

Sports illustrated

congrats on Drew Brees on breaking the record

Who is Jim Thorpe?

jim thorpe played baseball,football,track and field, aan basketball. he was born in 1888 and had a town in pennsylvania named after him after he died in 1953

Hey Drew! Can I hav your autograph?

Me to?

Drew Brees is my fav player and sants are my fav team!

I like Drew Brees's nickname, Cool Brees, because he's cool. I also like that he gets up early at 5:15, because then he can get lots of cool things done and play a lot of football.


Congrats to Drew Brees on breaking the record

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