Is It Time For the Jets To Start Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow is eyeing Mark Sanchez's job.

Oh boy, this weekend was really embarrassing for the Jets, and they're a team that's used to embarrassment, so that's saying something. The San Francisco 49ers came into town and beat them handily on their own field, winning 34-0. And with the anemic offense disappointing, Jets fans have started grumbling and pointing the finger once again at Mark Sanchez. But unlike previous seasons, this year, he's got Tim Tebow waiting in the wings.

So as things went haywire in the second half against the Niners, some fans, as you'd expect from New Yorkers, booed their own team. And others started chanting for Tebow to be the Jets's quarterback. Are the fans right—is it time for Rex Ryan to yank Sanchez in favor of Tebow?

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Sanchez had a brutal game against a fantastic 49ers defense. He completed only 44.8 percent of his passes, throwing for only 103 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. His QB rating was an AWFUL 39.9.

It's hard to chalk up the performance as just one bad game. Currently, Sanchez ranks 29th in the league with a 69.4 QB rating and he's 26th in passing yards per game, averaging just 203 yards each Sunday. Looking at those numbers, it's hard not to agree that Sanchise may not be right for the Jets franchise, especially with Tebow patrolling the sidelines.

Last year the Heisman winner from Florida worked some sort of magic for the Broncos when he came in and replaced. Honestly, it defied all logic and critical thinking. He'd throw some wobbly duck passes all game, then at the end he'd march them for a win. Once he got the Broncos into the playoffs, he led them over the once fearsome Steelers defense, cutting short Pittsburgh's season with an amazing 80-yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas on the first play of overtime.

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Jets fans seem to think they'll get the same fate if Tebow takes the helm—a rejuvenated season. But, here's a warning to those fans, don't expect Tebow to turn your season around. First, he's not going to make Shonn Greene, who has averaged a crummy 47.8 yards per game and 2.8 yards per carry this season, a better running back. Also Tebow isn't going to heal Darrelle Revis' torn ACL or Santonio Holmes' foot, so a switch at quarterback won't cure all ills.

And, let's not forget what this change would mean. It would mean Tim Tebow is the Jets's QB, and, really, he isn't that much of an improvement over what they have now. If you're upset with Sanchez's lack of accuracy and wobbly passes, Tebow's are only worse. Under center during this preseason, Tebow routinely missed easy passes into the flat to his running backs, sometimes throwing them five-to-eight feet over their heads. Last year with the Broncos Tebow threw for only 124 yards per game and complete a league-worst 47 percent of his passes.
So, for this season, the best chance the Jets still have to win is the guys who has taken them to two AFC Title games in the past three seasons, Mark Sanchez, as ugly as that may be. Oh, and just remember, for all the panic in New York with the Jets, they're still 2-2 and tied for the top spot in the AFC East.

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mark sanchez = awful!
tim tebow= AWESOME!!!!


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