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Sony unveils the new PlayStation 3 and it's basically the same as the old PlayStation 3

At the Tokyo Game Show on Tuesday, Sony showed off the newest version of the PlayStation 3, and it looked a lot like an old PlayStation 3 that has gone on a diet. The big news is that it is 25% slimmer and 20% lighter. So if you have been doing bicep curls with your old PS3, expect them to get a little bit easier now. A 250GB version of the new PS3 will be released on September 25, with a 500GB version dropping on October 30.

What do you think of the new PlayStation 3?

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GO Xbox 360



my uncle will probably get this!!

Will you be able to play with people that have older versions of PS3?

well yeah because its just upgrades like he said is slimer and lighter which such a good idea


Meh, no big deal. Let them do what they want. I don't know about you but i'm gonna just wait for XBOX 720 or PS4. I like the PS3 I own now


I think that in order t orelease a new video game system or game that it should change quite a bit from its prequal

you cares if its lighter its not like you're carrying it around every where i certainly would not buy this

definiteley right. Does anybody really care if it is lighter? I mean, come on.
If you come out with a new system add something cool and new, not making the PS3 lighter.

Couldn't agree more. It's time for the PlayStation 4 and the XBox 720 already

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