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Fantasy Football Tips: Know Your Enemy!

  • Fantasy Fix
  • Gary Gramling
  • September 19, 2012, 7:46 AM

I bet a lot of you guys and girls who had Aaron Rodgers in your lineup the first two weeks are pretty bummed out. You're probably all crying to your mom and stuff, like "Waaaahhhhh!!!! Mommy!!!!! Aaron Rodgers was MVP last year but so far he only has three touchdown passes!!!!"

Weak, dude. Well, I'm hear to tell you to dry your tears. It's going to be alright. Yes, Rodgers is off to a slow start. But that's not because there's something wrong with him. Instead, it's because there's something right with the defenses he's played against!

Yes, Rodgers and the Packers had to start the year facing two of the NFL's best defenses: San Francisco and Chicago. And in fantasy football, you MUST pay attention to who your players are matched up against.

Now, some players are good enough that they should really never be benched. Like Lions superstar Calvin Johnson. Or Ravens running back Ray Rice. They'll put up big numbers no matter who they're playing. But let's say your deciding between two really good players, like Rodgers and Drew Brees for instance. If one of them is playing an elite defense, like the 49ers, you're better off choosing the other guy. Top defenses like the Niners (by far the NFL's best) and Texans are going to hold just about any player below their usual production.

And you can check out the NFL schedule each week right here on!

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rodgers is an enemy, not a friend

You never says that again! Rodgers is one of the best in leauge and if you are Bears fan then remember when the Packers your stupid little team in the 2010 Conference game then won the Super Bowl?

bj raji

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