Notre Dame Unveils New Uniforms and Helmets For Game Against Miami

Notre Dame is one of the most storied programs in the history of college football—just ask a Notre Dame fan and they’ll tell you as much. Whether fan or foe of the Fighting Irish, there’s no doubting that their uniform and helmet are iconic. They’re beautiful, simple and clean designs that have rightly stood the test of time. The uniforms adidas unveiled today for their October 6 showdown with the Miami Hurricanes at Chicago’s Soldier Field probably won’t be described the same way.
The difficulty when you have iconic uniforms like Notre Dame is that when you tweak them, there’s a good chance some old guys will come and shake their canes at any changes. Notre Dame avoided any scorn last year when for the first night game ever at Michigan’s Big House, the Irish sported special edition unis that looked great. Adidas managed to change the design, but still look classic. Mission accomplished. [More pictures and a video after the jump]

For this year’s one-time only uniforms, Notre Dame fans have to be glad they will be worn just one time only. Adidas changed the Irish’s colors just enough that they actually look more like Pitt’s unis. Then there are the asymmetrical helmet and pants, which are a bit surprising. Notre Dame’s headgear is a bare golden dome, but this new Frankenstein version is part gold, part black with their mascot on the side. The same goes with the pants, which has a stripe down only one of the pant legs. We weren’t impressed with these uniforms like were last year’s, what do you guys think?

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Pretty cool uniforms, espicially the helmets. But Texas A&M has way better ones!!!!! Go Aggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the gloves are sweet

the gloves are awesome

the gloves are awesome love it!anyone agree?

u of m has a better uniform

Wow amazed they are going to play a game without the famous and traditional helmets looks like somebody threw up on them!!! Plus not the best uniform model ever

Totally gross uniform looks like something a cheerleader would wear

I agree the uniforms look bad

Why change tradition?

pretty cool

the gloves are sweet


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