FIFA Soccer 13 Sneak Peek!

It may be months before we can get our hands on EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13, but it’s not too early to get excited about another edition of the great soccer video game. The good people at EA gave us a sneak peek of FIFA 13 and shared some new features to look for when it hits store shelves in the fall.

When it comes to finding inspiration in soccer, it’s hard to beat the world’s best player, Lionel Messi. FIFA 13’s designers looked to the tiny FC Barcelona striker to improve player dribbling and movement. Because if Messi has so much control when running with the ball, shouldn’t you? Now gamers can get fancier with their moves, just like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo do in real life. You’ll have control over each touch, be able to spin 360° and artfully slice through defenses with quicker jukes and more explosive acceleration.

The game will mirror real life version even more on the defensive end too. Soccer isn’t just a jog in the park. There are collisions, jockeying for position and challenges for balls in the air. With EA’s “Player Impact Engine” gamers will experience the difference in player strength, so choose the team you play with wisely. You don’t want to get run over out there.

Below you’ll see another just-released screenshot of the game. If history is any guide, there should be a demo version coming out in the summer for you to test out the new features.

Images courtesy of EA Sports

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cristiano ronaldo will beat messi so badly

Amazing, I can't wait to get it

soccer rules


Awesome!!! Go Ronaldo


Wow! What another great FIFA game by EASPORTS. I wasn't going to get this game because I have FIFA12 but with the new and improved graphics along with the new collisions, etc. I will rethink my decision. Hopefully it will be out by my birthday because this would be a great birthday gift. Go Fernando Torres, and the rest of the Chelsea Soccer team. Futbol!


Can't wait for the reporter to say "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL"!!!And a Lionel Messi I can control SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is that a real life freaking game (:

Go soccer and World Cup!!

Awesome! I love soccer, and hope I can get this game for my birthday.(if its out then)

When does it come out? Go Liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG want this game sooooooooooo bad and does anyone know when it comes out?

i know right!!!!

I know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totally awesome

let's go ranoldo and Ukrain

FIFA is awesome!!


Fifa soccer friecken rules. best graphics.

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