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Predictions for the 2012 MLB Season

Opening Day is here! Well, actually, Opening Day was here more than a week ago when the Mariners and A’s played to games in Japan. Then there were no games for nine days. Makes sense, right? It’s all part of Commissioner Allan Selig’s master plan to make people watch less baseball.

But anyway, Opening Day in the U.S. is here! The defending champion St. Louis Cardinals and new, rainbow-colored Miami Marlins face off tonight. So what better time to make some preseason predictions! Below are my projected picks for division winners, Wild Cards (there are two per league this year) and awards. And remember, I’ve NEVER been wrong. NEVER!

AL East champ: Tampa Bay Rays
AL Central champ: Detroit Tigers
AL West champ: Los Angeles Angels
AL Wild Cards: Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers

Yeah, that’s right, no Yankees in the playoffs. They don’t have the pitching (Michael Pineda, their big offseason acquisition, is already having shoulder problems). And the Yankees don’t have the elite offensive firepower to make up for that lack of pitching.

NL East champ: Miami Marlins
NL Central champ: St. Louis Cardinals
NL West champ: San Francisco Giants
NL Wild Cards: Arizona Diamondbacks and Philadelphia Phillies

In the NL, I’m nervous about the Phillies. Everybody’s hurt. Ryan Howard has a hurt foot. Chase Utley has a hurt knee. Roy Halladay probably has like, hurt feelings or something. I think the Marlins, with their strong pitching staff and speed, can take them out. And yes, I like the Cardinals to find a way back to the playoffs. No Pujols, but Adam Wainwright is back, Chris Carpenter will be healthy come May and Carlos Beltran was a great free agent signing.

WORLD SERIES! Detroit Tigers over San Francisco Giants

They can’t play a lick of defense, but in Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder the Tigers have the huge bats (and the big arms, Justin Verlander anyone?) to win it all. So congratulations Tigers, you are 100% guaranteed to win the World Series. Because I said so.

Now, on to the awards:

AL MVP: Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels
AL Cy Young Award: Dan Haren, Los Angeles Angels
AL Rookie of the Year: Matt Moore, Tampa Bay Rays

NL MVP: Justin Upton, Arizona Diamondbacks
NL Cy Young Award: Zack Greinke, Milwaukee Brewers
NL Rookie of the Year: Trevor Bauer, Arizona Diamondbacks

So, who do you have winning it all? How about your pick for awards? Leave a comment today, or everyone will think you're lame!

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Nats are going to win the World series!!!

ALE:Tampa Bay
AL Wild Card: New York Yanks and Chicogo White Sox

NL WILD Card Phillis and Brewers
World Sires Teaxas and Washington

you guys are really doing bad in your predictions.
World Series: Dodgers over rangers
you think i'm coo-coo?
wait until october
in your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alc:White sox
Alw:Mariners*( not reaaly(i wish)
Al mvp: albert Pujols
Nl mvp: jose reyes
1st wild card winner al: Angels
Second wild card winner al: Rays
1st wid card winner: Nl cardinals
2nd wild card winner Nl: dodgers
Al cy yung: King felix hernandez
Nl cy yung: tim lincecum
(i just had to spell cy young wrong)
World series MARINERS( I wish)
Seriously though
world series GIANTS! ( i still wish)
okay now im serious
world series winner:
for the first time in forever(literaly)
WAshington NAtionals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger r going all the way !

Who? The tigers? I think you mean the giants

I say angels win world series

That all depends on Albert(pujols). He has to be Albert again, I'm NOT talking about an average .299 (above average) 37 big bombs and 3rd place 99 RBIs (2011)

That picture is kinda weird... o.o
Its peoples heads attached to kid bodies. XD

tigers phillies world series, tigers win it all. i think the might make the playoffs
for once

Tigers are going all the way

Tigers beat Nationals world series

:-D hard har har

i can tell you that the boston red sox will take that cup right out of your hands. good luck. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

I love pajamys! I where my dinosaur pajamys every day to school!

tigers=world eries

tigers= world series loss

what is a erise

Why would 2 MLB teams play in Japan?!?

Because mariners rock and they have ICHRO this kind of faumouse guy in japan (he knows a thing or two about baseball, or maybe more than you think he knows know) *ahem* he did also set a couple baseball hitting records or maybe mor than anyone can count. anyway...................... I just am ichiros biggest fan ever and also the marinersa biggest fan and clearly i can see why they opened their season in japan and u dont. (unless u r talking about the athletics then i take all this back and totally agree with u)-brought to u by:
Biggest baseball nerd ever (BBNE) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


AL East-TB
AL Central-CWS
NL East- WSH
NL Central-STL
NL West-SF

LOl LOl on the pic


AL: Rays, Rangers, Detroit

Wild Card: Angels, Yankees

NL: Phillies, Cardinals, Giants

Wild Card: Arizona, Miami

annnnnnnnnnnnnd mariners win world series

I like prince feilders dinosuar pajamys!


I am not cool

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