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NBA Power Rankings: February 8

  • Hoophead
  • Sachin Shenolikar
  • February 8, 2012, 5:34 PM

Welcome to Week 4 of my NBA power rankings! The Bulls are still on top but the veteran Spurs and Celtics are starting to get going. Check out where your favorite team ranks and let me know what you think in the comments section! 

1. Chicago Bulls: With three straight wins this week, the Bulls stay atop the rankings.
2. Oklahoma City Thunder: There hasn't been a lot of buzz around the Thunder this season, but they continue to dominate on a nightly basis.
3. Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade is starting to get on track. He has scored at least 25 points in three straight games.
4. Philadelphia 76ers: Six players average double digits in scoring on a Sixer team that has terrific chemistry.
5. Indiana Pacers: The young Pacers have been a pleasant surprise, especially on the road (10-5 record).
6. San Antonio Spurs: Riding a five-game winning streak, the Spurs made a big push this week.
7. Los Angeles Clippers:The loss of Chauncey Billups for the season means more pressure on Chris Paul. He can handle it.
8. Denver Nuggets  
9. Los Angeles Lakers  
10. Atlanta Hawks
11. Orlando Magic
12. Boston Celtics: Winners of five straight, the Celtics will look to make a big push now that Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen are healthy.
13. Houston Rockets 
14. Portland Trail Blazers
15. Utah Jazz 
16. Memphis Grizzlies
17. Dallas Mavericks
18. Minnesota Timberwolves:A very rare sight in recent years: The Timberwolves are above .500.
19. New York Knicks:Point guard Jeremy Lin has energized the Knicks, leading the team to two straight wins.
20. Milwaukee Bucks   
21. Cleveland Cavaliers:After a strong start to the season, the Cavs have slipped a bit. Rookie Kyrie Irving (18 ppg) continues to excel.
22. Toronto Raptors
23. Golden State Warriors
24. Phoenix Suns
25. New Jersey Nets  
26. Sacramento Kings 
27. Detroit Pistons:Two straight wins plus two games against the Nets this week equals some hope for Detroit.
28. Washington Wizards:A three-point win over the Raptors gave the Wizards a rare bright spot to build on.
29. New Orleans Hornets: With forward Carl Landry out for a few weeks center Chris Kaman will get a chance to see some court-time.
30. Charlotte Bobcats:Twelve straight losses and counting for the league's worst team.

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go bulls


GO OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets go celtics hope they get into the championships:)

HAHAH! I am so pumped to have Rondo back too! Good luck celtics!

iam a bulls fan go bulls

your right bulls rule celtics stink! LIKE FAMILY GUY WHO IS FAT.



Wow the celticks are in 12 they stink

Rondo our best plAyer!!!! we Are glAd 2hAve him bAck........ RONDO All dAy!!!

Woo! Go Wolves! We beat last season's record!

boston celtics should be #1

no they not

thats like me and my friend : )

man hope they keep on winning

lol i got 200 point

The Pacers are BEAST!!

The pats lost NO!!!!


Ifeel sorry for the Bobcats

the bobcats will get better because of Kemba walker

i love the nba!

Broncos and giants rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Broncos and giants rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giants stink Patriots stink...... I LUV LOVE LUV LOVE LUV LOVE LUV LOVE THE BRONCOS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIM TEBOW EEEK!<3

the giants stink the pats are awesome


go cavs! Kyrie irving as rookie of year!!!!! playoff time!!!!!

Lin is soooo good. They should have put him a long time ago. Shame on the Knicks

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