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The Patriots Are Going To Win Super Bowl XLVI. Deal With It.

Believe me, as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I have no love for the Patriots. Tom Brady has foiled my beloved black and gold more times than I care to remember.

So I am not going to be a happy camper around 10:30 PM ET on Sunday night, because I'm going to be watching hoist the Lombardi Trophy for the fourth time. (Click here to hear why the Giants will win.)

Don't get me wrong. The Giants are good. I know they beat Brady and Company in Super Bowl XLII. And I know they beat Brady and Company in October.

But the thing is, this time around, Brady won't be caught off-guard. Leading up to Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots spent most of their time prepping their fourth fingers for the shiny new rings they'd be getting. They didn't suspect that the Giants would essentially be filling their defensive line with a bunch of fast guys rather than a bunch of big guys. The New England o-line couldn't handle the Giants' speed, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan spent all game playing pig pile on Brady, and the rest is history.

This time, the Pats will be ready. I expect Brady, the best big-game quarterback in NFL history, to lead the Pats to 35-plus points. The rest will be up to the New England D. And while they're certainly not good, they're improving. They did a nice job containing Eli Manning for the majority of the teams' October meeting. They can afford to give up 30 points or so. Brady will carry them to the win.

So I'll just say it now: Congratulations Patriots. As long as Tom Brady shows up, you're going to be Super Bowl XLVI champions!

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hahahahhaha! I am laughing so hard. That was my sisters team just cuz of Tom Brady! wowee! sry no ring on that finger

haha the Giants won! :)

giants gonna win it all!! go Eli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pats are definately going to win. I think ochocinko is going to make the game winning catch. I know that he hasn't had a good year but i think this is his time. i also think that the pats are playing a big trick on the giants ans gronkoski is really fine.

We all know that the patriots will dominate!

Don't get me wrong, I am a complete Patriots fan, but as a complete Tom Brady fan, I dislike Peyton Manning and even when Eli loses this one, him and Peyton are equals.

youre mean

First of all, I just wanted to let everyone know that the pats gave up 4 LESS POINTS THAN THE GIANTS this whole season. And somehow it is all about the pats "bad" D and the giants "good" one.
Second, the gronk will play. period.
Third, tom is the best QB in the world ever ever ever,
Forth, Giants dont stand a chance.
Fifth, GO PATS!!!!!!!

Tom braddy and the pats wil crush the giants


that's right, i'm glad i'm not the only Pats fan here!

Go Patriots!

The Giants have a better team than the pats and the pats don't have a good defense and the Giant do, plus gronk is hurt. GO GIANTS!!!!

Giants have the better team? Don't think so. Brady or Eli? I'll take Tom. Gronk will play and the Pats Defense is better than people say.

go saints

Giants are gonna win it all!Patriots stink!

The pats don't stink it's just that the Giants are better.

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patriots don't stink, how is a 15-3 record a team that stinks? Pats will win, mark my words.

Boo pats they stink go giants for the super bowl but go lions next season

lions rockkkkkkk

Boo Giants and the Lions, both are going to be eliminated, Pats will win

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