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Sorry Wiz, The Giants Will Win It All This Sunday

Well, after two weeks of unbearable hype, we’re finally here. With all of the non-stop, non-football chatter, I almost forget there’s a game this weekend. A rather big game, actually. So who’s going to win? The Wiz thinks there will be a Patriots party on Sunday night. Me? Not so much.

Here’s why the Giants will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy for the second time in four years when the clock strikes zero on the NFL season: DEE-FENSE. The Giants have one, the Pats don’t.

New England doesn’t even have 11 defensive starters. One of their defensive backs is wide receiver Julian Edelman. Playing a mediocre wide receiver on defense may work against Denver’s option offense and Baltimore’s “Throw It Deep Once A Quarter” offense, but against the Giants? Not so much. Eli Manning has been the hottest quarterback in the playoffs this year and he has three standout wide receivers. Who will Edelman cover? Hakeem Nicks? Mario Manningham? Gulp, Victor Cruz? Good luck with that, Julian.

Then there’s the Giants defense. All pass rush and collapsing pockets and batted balls. Nothing bothers a star QB more than constant pressure. The Giants can irritate Tom Brady with only four pass rushers. It’s a recipe that’s worked twice for them against Brady and the Pats – once earlier this season, in New England, in the Pats last lost of the season and one other time…when was that again? Oh, right, Super Bowl XLII. With Brady’s biggest safety valve, Rob Gronkowski, at half-speed with a high ankle sprain, don’t expect Brady to ever establish a rhythm.

For me, Saturday night will be spent preparing snacks (like my famous 14-layer bean dip) for my Super Bowl party. For Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, Saturday night will be spent tossing and turning with nightmares of the Giants.

Book it now: Big Blue will win it all. 

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go giants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giants will win only because of their defense and eli in the 2nd half i expect the Giants to be running 75% of the time in the first half. Second half, different story

The patriots will win the super bowl because of Tom Brady!!!!

I hope they win
Just because I HATE THE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is so right

I agree totally!

brady should get a man hair cut not a trim

i agree pats r gonna lose

i know that the new gients are going to win

HOW COME the pats defense gave up 4 LESS POINTS TOTAL in 2011 and somehow its all about the pats bad D and the giants good one. pats have a good defense, but in the pats "defense", their D doesn't matter since you have the best QB of all time. giants barely made the playoffs. enough said.

to me all that matters is how the teams do in the playoffs not if the easily made the playoffs or not. the Giants are the hottest team in football and I don't care if they barely made it or not. and the Giants defense has really stepped up in the playoffs. the patriots don't have a bad defense but RIGHT NOW the giants have a better defense and the reason why I think so is they have a really good line so their back seven can focus on WRs and not sacks. and I don't care if Tom Brady is "the best QB of all time" again it matters who's the hottest QB RIGHT NOW in football not all time. and even if you do have the best QB (not that the pats do) defense always matters no matter what. just so you knoow i'm not a Giant fan i'm just a football fan and a supperbowl fan and I just think the giant are better. well let's just see who wins.

really a wierdy face

I agree, the patriots are not going to win without gronk. and the Giant have a great defense and really good WRs and not to mension the hottest QB in football Eli Manning. The Patriots should really be intimidated.


tom brady is a wierdy-face

He thinks the same about u

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