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Topps 2012: Pujols! Reyes! Squirrels?

  • GearHead
  • Paul Ulane
  • February 1, 2012, 12:37 PM

Pitchers and catchers are only a few shorts weeks away from reporting to spring training, but the first whiff of the new baseball season is already here. The 2012 Topps Baseball Series 1 card set is invading a hobby shop near you and there are a lot of surprises this year, from golden tickets to rally squirrels.

For starters, if you liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you’ll love this year’s card packs. As part of their online Golden Giveaway, Topps has planted special cards throughout the Series 1 set. If you get one of these coded cards, you can go online and unlock special cards embedded with real gold or win autographed cards. If you’re one of 10 lucky card collectors to nab a golden ticket, you win a 14K gold-infused baseball signed by baseball legends Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Ken Griffey Jr.  

Cardinals fan also get a unique treat this year. If you’re from St. Louis, you’ll surely remember a squirrel scampering across the field in the middle of action during the NLDS. The squirrel quickly gained recognition as a good-luck charm during the Cards’ run to a title and Topps is making sure he’s remembered forever in the annals of baseball history.

Instead of seeing Skip Schumaker’s face on his card, you see his ankle. Well, his ankle and the rally squirrel. The back of the card will be the same as a traditional card, with stats and bio. (Note: No comment from the Schumaker family yet on how they feel about their beloved Skip being replaced by a four-legged furball.)

So what do you think of Pujols and Reyes in their new unis? What do you think of the squirrel? Let me know in the comments below!

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Who let the squirrels out?!?


I agree about pujols and dont agree. i agree because he had a bad season with the angels. i dont agree because he was one of the best players on the cardinals. he should be inducted into the hall of fame.

Oh Albert Pujols was god at baseball

stupid thing just luck. phills should of one still hurts. but rally thing not a big deal. if they had been playing the mets in preseason nobody would of cared. plus shoumaker guy need face on card. nether pulols or reays looks like that on card. plus i got the rally thing card and its just a normall picture. lol, such an apic fail by topps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R u a Phillies fan?


Woo Hoo!!!!!!! Rally Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skip skip skip skip
I saw this on that game


a squirl? common people lets be real

they are being real


GRRRRrr=0 dinosaur=(

Give me pie

that golden ticket sounds pretty cool.also, i think that will become a tradition for the cardinals

WHAT THE?!?!?!?!?

got that skip card. pretty awesome

Albert is going to be great in LA

Seems like everyone good moved teams. Im pretty excited Albert and the angels too :)

how did they get pujols and reyes in their new uniforms spring training still hasnt even started

They either had an artist come in, or they had them pose and then photo shopped the crowd in.

What team is miami?

The florida marlins moved to Miami and became the Miami Marlins during the offseason.

You should see my closet it probably has more than you!! P.S. do you have a Cal Ripken Jr like me?

I have about ten

Why is Reyes going to the "Marlins"? Hes ruining his career!


better than staying with the mets

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