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Crazy Christmas Kicks!

  • GearHead
  • Paul Ulane
  • December 22, 2011, 12:17 PM

NBA fans are getting everything they want for Christmas this year, with a quintuple-header of basketball action tipping off the 2011-12 season on December 25th. But the fans aren't the only ones getting cool Christmas presents this year. It looks like Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony will be rushing down to the tree on Christmas morning and unwrapping some exclusive holiday sneakers from Jordan Brand. And we've got a preview of the shoes right here!

We have full sized pictures of the shoes below, but can also see the sneakers on the players when they play (Melo's Knicks take on the Celtics at noon ET, Wade's Heat face the Mavericks at 2:30 P.M.). So if you like what you see on Christmas day, you can head out to your local sneaker shop and get your own pair.

The Jordan Melo M8 was designed with Carmelo's speed and power in mind. The shoe has a special combination of features that provide both lightweight materials to emphasize speed with the proper amount of cushion to protect your feet when you head into the paint. The Jordan Fly Wade 2 is customized around D-Wade's high-flying game. These are the kind of kicks you put on when you're looking to fly through the air on the way to the rim for a lay-up (or, if you're as tall as the Professor, a dunk).

So tune in to the first real professional basketball action of the season on Christmas day. You never know, it might turn into your first new pair of shoes of the new year. See below for full-sized shots of Melo and D-Wade's shoes...

The Jordan Melo M8

The Jordan Fly Wade 2

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i need it!

I like the D-Wades! Those shoes are the sweetest shoes I've ever seen!!

the red ones rock the green and red are ugly if you agree comment

you are 100 percent right bro.. does melo really think people are gonna buy those??

Those shoes are awesome! They can't get much cooler than those!

i know i love the color and every thing i want those.


those things are flippin' SICKKKK

Those jordans are wicked!

those are s-i-c-k sick!

sick kicks i mean shoes

GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!

so cute!!!!!

i love um.dont you?

those shoes are awsome

I would wear the Melos.
love Jordan shoes!

Me too!

chickendog1 is my cousin hey ciurtlin

I love the shoes are you going to put them in the store or no i am new by the way



thats right go celtics



Man,these shoes are awesome!!!Now that i think of it, i do need some basketball shoes!!....

Those are awesome kicks. I love D Wayde, he's the only thing left on the Miami Heat that I actually like.

i like melos

The D wade ones r super cool

iguest im the only one onsikids at 3o'thre am.

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