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Reader Week: Help The Professor Break Down The NFL

What's up, loyal readers and fellow football fanatics. I have some tough news to pass along: there will be no First and Goal or NFL Power Rankings this week. I know that's a lot to process, so I'll let you wipe your tears away before I continue.

OK, you done crying? Now comes the fun part. For one week only, I'm handing over the reigns to you, my readers.

That's right, for the rest of the week I want you to fill up the comments section below with your biggest NFL stories. Usually, I run through the four biggest stories in the NFL from each week of action as well as the biggest individual heroes and zeroes. This week, it's your turn. 

So have at it below. What are the biggest stories in the league right now? Who are the players making the biggest impact? And if you're really feeling crazy, go ahead and rank the best teams while you're at it! Write it all in below and see what your fellow readers think.

As for me? Don't worry, I'm missing this week because I'm on assignment writing a cool story. Keep your eyes open for the next issue of Sports Illustrated Kids to see what I'm up to. And you better believe it's about one of the biggest stories in the NFL this season. See you next week and I look forward to reading your comments!

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no can evenerone be good

You're making fun of Hanie.

Don't worry Proffesor U I will try to get over it WAHH!

even longoria is awesome
Rays are best


LOL I had to watch the Broncos-Bears game online...IN SPANISH! It was really funny hearing the Mexican Announcers say "Tebow Time"

hey go jet and packers

packers goin to superbowl

hey i love prodigy sorry but go jets

Ounce again MATT PRATER comes to the rescue. I dont want to hear that tebow garbage. If barber didnt fumble and step out of bounds precous tebow would have suffered a "terrible loss" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

1st who dat guess where iam from and cheering fr ok i maybe a gil but listen up 2nd heres my story ok me and my boyfriend are by my uncles for the saints against coltssuper bowl saints won yah go us we where partying so we go on the nutral groung by his house and start screeeeaaammmmming who dat who dat whodat say they gonna beat them saints we arent te aints any more!!!!!!! 3rd good luc to all teams for hey have a chance @ the superbowl

love ya football,

all i have to say is they killed it




Joe McKnight is one of the best backs on earth. Way better than Barry sanders, don't even THINK that Walter Payton is better

PS Blaine Gabbert is better than Rodgers

yeah gabberts qbr of2.2 is beeter than rodgers qbr of 158.3 and go saints

Top QB s

1: Blaine Gabbert
2.Dan orlosky
3 mark sanchez
4. ryan fitz
5 aoron rodgers

PLEASE resond

Dude. Those first three are, like, the worst QBs in the league besides Bradford

youve got that allll wrong. to start off blaine gabbert is terrrible

Who hates Tim Tebow. Because I do

go timmy and newton burgers is okay god bless

Tim Tebow 15 awesome and as he says GB2 (go broncos, God Bless)

Heres The big question: Why do you hate Timmy???

Thats it only 1 person

i don't


All of you are dum!!!!

Hanie stinks.

hey i know how to do a front flip do you

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