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First and Goal: NFL Week 12

Please excuse any typos you may see in this week’s edition of First and Goal. I guzzled so much turkey and stuffed so much stuffing into my face that I can hardly type. Then again, nothing gets me over my holiday feast drowsiness like talking about the NFL, so let’s get down to the league’s biggest stories from Week 12.

The four biggest stories in football this weekend. As always, use the comments section below to answer my questions!

I’ve had enough of the “Tebow Leads Broncos” headlines. Yes, Tim Tebow has made the plays he’s needed to make when the game is on the line. But you know what? So have a ton of other Broncos – and none of them are getting any credit. The Broncos have won five of their last six games, and in those five wins, Denver’s D has held opponents to 15 points per contest while racking up 16 sacks. Linebacker Von Miller has 5.5 sacks on his own in that five-game span. On offense, running back Willis McGahee has averaged over 5 yards per carry in those same five wins – and was not even on the field during the Broncos lone loss in the last month. I’m not doubting that Tebow has helped spearhead the turnaround in Denver, but there is plenty of praise to go around, and it seems like only one player is getting it. What do you think: Who really deserves the credit for the Broncos recent winning ways?

For the second game in a row, the Texans lost their starting quarterback to a season-ending injury. And I still like their chances to reach the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Hear me out. In the past, Houston would win and lose by the pass. If they could air it out and light up the scoreboard, the Texans usually won. If they were shut down, their defense would cave and the team would get blown out. But this year, Houston has discovered the beauty of defense. The Texans are first in the league in yards allowed and second in points allowed. Meanwhile, on offense, Houston has the 3rd best running game in the league behind the revived Arian Foster and his back-up, Ben Tate. Winning with running and defense is new in Houston, just like a playoff appearance would be. What do you think: Does the new formula for winning in Houston mean they can still make the playoffs even without their top two quarterbacks?

Heading into the season, both San Diego and Philadelphia had made the playoffs in five out of the last seven years. This year, it doesn’t look like either will make it to the post-season. So who’s to blame? It might be two renowned coaches sitting on the proverbial hot seat. In San Diego, this would be the second straight season without a playoff appearance for Norv Turner. Things are worse in Philly, where Andy Reid has steered his “Dream Team” into cellar of the NFC East. Most coaches in the league would be thrilled to have the talent in place that Turner and Reid enjoy, so all of the losing has fans wringing their hands. It might be time for a change in both cities. What do you think: Are the coaches to blame for the lack of production in San Diego and Philadelphia?

Every week, I find the four biggest stories in the NFL. Every week, I glaze over another Packers blowout…even though they still haven’t lost and we’re past Thanksgiving. Is that just because I’m a Bears fan and I don’t want to hear about how great Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are? Possibly. But I also think it’s because Green Bay has learned how to win so easily, it doesn’t even look like they’re trying anymore. The Packers have outscored their opponents by 155 points so far this season. It’s like watching the BCS #1 take on a D-III school full of freshman. The Pack has to go to New York this week to play the Giants, probably their last real challenge of the season. After that, it’s a coast to the finish line. I don’t think it’ll be surprising if Green Bay runs the table, the only real drama left is whether or not they can repeat as Super Bowl champs. What do you think: Can the Packers go undefeated throughout the regular and post-season?

Who excelled and who came up short this week. Nominate your own in the comments below!

Sebastian Janikowski, K, Oakland Raiders: 6-for-6 FGs (four between 40-49 yards)
Terrell Suggs, LB, Baltimore Ravens: 3 sacks, 3 tackles, 1 forced fumble
Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons: 27-for-34, 262 yards, 3 TDs

Caleb Hanie, QB, Chicago Bears: 18-for-36, 254 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INT
Stevie Johnson, WR, Buffalo Bills: 8 catches, 75 yards, 1 TD…BUT, he had a major unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and two even more major drops on the Bills final drive
Ndamukang Suh, DT, Detroit Lions: ejected for kicking a defenseless opponent…on Thanksgiving Day…that is not the spirit of the holidays, Mr. Suh

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pacers stink

Pacers will never make it undefeated in the playoffs. Just face it. The other teams just need to find there defence.

I think Tom Brady is the hero, he got almost 400 yards.

You are so right. Tom Brady is awesome

1. I am a Tebow fan and I'm being honest. How good was this defense, running, etc. with Orton? Oh yeah, 1-4 cellar. I'm just saying he pumps them up like he did with Florida and he gives them hope, (5-1).
2. Yes. the texans will indeed make the playoffs I mean Schaub is a good QB. Lets be serious, this year Foster and Tate are both in rushing yards Top 10!
3.Yes, I think they have stacked teams and take that for granted.
4. No, too many "Cinderella" underrated teams.
1.Tim Tebow, 5-1 this year with them quality Broncos weapons.
2.Buccaneers, for trying with that young, young, and young team.
3.Peyton Manning, for tolerating the, "Lets trade are franchise QB who's really really really loyal.
1. Patriots and Raiders, Think they are all that.
2. Colts Management Keep Luck until manning retires,(when he's good and ready)
3.Lacrosse, Trying too take over football.

I respect Tebow keep on Tebowing.

I don't get it man

sometimes i just think the packers should lose i mean i they are so good i hate them

What if packers lost 2 the kc cheifs lol:)

that would be awesome

that would be funny

I'll punch you in the nose if they do




mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Did ya find the n?


the pack rock and Suh mad me mad when he stomed on the packers player

Awwwwwww stepped on his arm boooo hoooo:)

Professor U why are do the Falcons stink who will win the Super Bowl PS why on this site is there no Collige stuff I would not know anything without ESPN.

I completly agree that Si kids should have college stats.

On the Broncos I really really like Tim Tebow...but I agree that the whole team not just him is carring this team and on Suh I was watching the game and saw that play and I agree that he definatly deserved that ejection nobody ever has the right to kick anybody...except in martial arts.

Six field goals by Janikowski! Six! Do you hear me? SIX!


Suh is a dirty player, and he has been avoiding it the past 10 weeks. Now his unfair play has been brought to justice.

he is sooooooooooo mean


i agreee

It should be 3 games.

You say he deserves more than a two game suspension.

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