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C'Mon Prince, Stay in Milwaukee (the Song!)

I know you Brewers fans are bummed out. You got knocked out of the playoffs by your hated rival Cardinals, who then went on to win it all. And even worse, superstar first baseman Prince Fielder is threatening to leave as a free agent!

But don't worry (too much). The fine folks of The Baseball Project are on your side. Last spring they brought you the best song ever written about Ichiro (click here for a listen). And Brew Crew fans should love their newest tune: "C'mon Prince (Stay In Milwaukee)." Click the play button to have a listen and let me know what you think. And Prince Fielder, if you're reading this: C'mon dude, stay in Milwaukee!

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I don`t care

send him to the phillies we will win every game sun

no to both of you. THome was signed for first until Howard comes back

No, no, no send to the so called hated rivals Cards and then he might actually appriciate playing with them.Send him to the Phillies they will win no games sun.

send price to the tigers



boom boom firepower

no "boom boom fire power":(

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