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C'Mon Prince, Stay in Milwaukee (the Song!)

I know you Brewers fans are bummed out. You got knocked out of the playoffs by your hated rival Cardinals, who then went on to win it all. And even worse, superstar first baseman Prince Fielder is threatening to leave as a free agent!

But don't worry (too much). The fine folks of The Baseball Project are on your side. Last spring they brought you the best song ever written about Ichiro (click here for a listen). And Brew Crew fans should love their newest tune: "C'mon Prince (Stay In Milwaukee)." Click the play button to have a listen and let me know what you think. And Prince Fielder, if you're reading this: C'mon dude, stay in Milwaukee!

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wike-wik-wik FRESH

you girl or boy yes or no


if pujols stays with the cards.. THE CARDINALS WILL GO ALL THE WAY AGAIN

The Rangers have failed to win the World Series for the past two years. Even if they do make it to the World Series in 2012 they won't win it.

the mariners will win five straight w.s.

That was all Freese but I hate the cards GO TEXAS!!!!! They'll win it next year

Let's hope Matheny brings him back in!

Awesome song. Phillies could use Princy 'til Howard gets better. Got Jim Thome though. Interesting to see if he plays in the field.

jim hasn't played in the field for say... 10 years.

Jim Thome is not going to play on the field. He isn't that big, but he is slow.
Prince would fit in Philli.

Very Funny

hey check out picture puzzels every one you do you get 35 points

i know a picture puzzler where you get 100 points

i would love for him to go padres i doubt that will happen i would like for him go to rangers too

if he goes to the rangers they will be world champs

im new can yall come by my place tomarow if you can :D


what does boom boom firepower mean oh i get it now

what does boom boom firepower mean oh i get it now

the pick looks real funny he looks like he is saying eyahy cap. milwaki rules

Allow me to apploud your spelling and grammar. :)

i love b ball

come to the TIGERS Prince and we will be the team to beat move Miggy to 3rd Prince @ first and Victor DH

what do you have against prince???

I don't like prince fielder


prince should stay with Weeks and Braun

Send to the the hated rival Cards and maybe he won't hate them so much!!!

would they not rather have albert???

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