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NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

If you like offensive football, I hope you didn’t watch too much of Week 7. The Seahawks lost in a game where they held their opponent to two field goals. The Jaguars won a game where they only scored four field goals. The Raiders didn’t score at all. Still, all of the ugliness had a huge impact on the rankings, so keep reading to see where your favorite team landed. And as always, leave your thoughts in the comments below!

NFL Power Rankings

1Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 1
There’s no denying the offensive fireworks show Aaron Rodgers puts up every week, but the defense is no slouch in Green Bay. The Packers lead the league in interceptions. The team clearly has the ability to make big plays on both sides of the ball.
2New England Patriots
Last Week: 2
Coming off the bye, the Pats head to Pittsburgh before back-to-back games against New York’s two teams (vs. NYG, @ NYJ). This rough stretch will let us know if Tom Brady and the offense can carry the underperforming defense to wins over playoff-caliber competition.
3Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 6
If you happen to catch a Steelers game, keep your eye on wideout Mike Wallace. The third-year speedster is a threat to score from anywhere on the field, as evidenced by his 95-yard scoring catch against the Cards last Sunday, and he brings an exciting element to the Steelers offense that hasn’t been present in Pittsburgh since the days of legendary receiver Lynn Swann.
4New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 8
I don’t care who you play, when you hang 62 points on a team, you are one dangerous offensive unit. The Saints clearly enjoyed having their coach, offensive guru Sean Payton, back calling the plays after he had to miss the second half of the Saints road loss to Tampa in Week 6 with a knee injury.
5San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 4
The Niners shocked the NFL world by streaking out to their 5-1 record. Now comes the hard part: maintaining their winning ways with the rest of the league on alert that San Fran is no longer a chump. A home date with the Browns should help this young team continue to learn how to win.
6Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 11
Here’s another upstart coming off a bye looking to keep their hot start going. After a home game against the Redskins, the Bills enter a four-game stretch that could determine their wild-card fate. (vs. NYJ, @DAL, @MIA, @NYJ).
7New York Jets
Last Week: 14
The Jets won their second game in a row, but the really good news is that Shonn Greene might have finally found his stride, topping 100 yards (112 yards) for the first time in over a year.
8Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 15
Anyone who saw that ankle injury Matt Ryan suffered on Sunday can no longer doubt his toughness. Ryan’s foot looked to be bent in the completely wrong direction (I had to look away after the first replay) and yet he still came right back and led his team to a big-time victory over the Lions. Don’t count the Falcons out of the NFC playoff race just yet.
9San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 5
I'm worried the Chargers are going in reverse this season. Usually, they start out extremely slow before turning it on and making a playoff push. This year, they kicked off the year with four wins in five games, but they suffered a loss out of their bye and Philip Rivers continues to struggle. Rivers has at least two interceptions in four out of his six games this season.
10New York Giants
Last Week: 10
It looks like we’re finally going to find out what this Giants team will be like this season now that they can get some starters back out of the bye. They’ll need them. After an easy match-up at home against the disoriented Dolphins, the G Men have this murderer’s row to look forward to on the schedule: @NE, @SF, vs. PHI, @NO, vs. GB, @ DAL. YIKES.
11Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 3
PPPEEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW! That was a STINKY performance for the Ravens on Monday night. Ray Rice couldn’t hold onto the ball while Joe Flacco couldn’t throw the ball. The defense played decently, but this team needs to really get its offense together – they’re ranked in the bottom half of the NFL in total offensive yards, passing yards and rushing yards – if they want to keep up with the contenders.
12Detroit Lions
Last Week: 9
All of the sudden, that 5-0 start feels like a distant memory. The Lions are on a two-game losing streak, their quarterback is in a walking boot and three of their next five games are on the road. It’s gut-check time in Detroit.
13Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 18
Welcome to the record books, Demarco Murray. Murray set the single-game franchise rushing record for America’s Team with his 253 yard performance in Week 7 against the Rams. After years of waiting for Felix Jones to get healthy, the Cowboys may have finally found their feature back.
14Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 12
Can the Bengals keep the momentum coming out of the bye? Seattle may look like a gimme on the schedule, but the Seahawks are a tough team to take on at noisy CenturyLink Field.
15Chicago Bears
Last Week: 16
After a win across the pond over the Bucs, Chicago heads into its bye week with the same record they had last year at the bye. In 2010, they went 7-2 after the week off and stormed all the way to the NFC Championship game. What awaits this year?
16Houston Texans
Last Week: 19
This is a strange thing to say about a team that’s only 1.5 games in first place, but I think the Texans might’ve stamped their claim on the weak AFC South with their Week 7 trouncing of Tennessee. The Texans clearly have more offensive talent than anyone else in their division and should have just enough defense to get by. (Then again, this IS a franchise that has never made the playoffs before, so stay tuned.)
17Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 7
OK, Bucs fans, it’s time to start worrying about your franchise QB. Josh Freeman is moving in the wrong direction this season. After tossing only 6 picks all of last year, Freeman has nearly doubled that total (10 INTs) in only seven games this season. With Earnest Graham out for the season and LeGarrette Blount nursing a knee injury, the Bucs need Freeman to play like a superstar, and so far, he hasn’t delivered.
18Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 17
All eyes are on Philly and whether or not they can make a move in the jumbled NFC East. Coming out of their bye, the Eagles have two primetime games in a row to show the world whether or not they’re going to make a run this year or not.
19Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 23
What’s gotten into this spunky Chiefs teams? After that horrendous 0-3 start where they were outscored 109-27, the Chiefs have outscored their last three opponents 78-41 during a three-game winning streak that has them right back in the thick of the AFC West race.
20Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 13
Oh boy, what’s left to be said about the Carson Palmer debacle? Let’s just hope Palmer can shake it off during the bye week and get this offense back on track. More importantly, the Raiders need Darren McFadden at full strength, or else opposing defenses will annihilate the immobile Palmer with blitzes.
21Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 27
The Chiefs aren’t the only team to pull a complete 180 degree turn early in the season. It might be time to take notice of what’s going on down in Jacksonville. In their last six quarters (the second half against Pittsburgh, full game against the Ravens), the Jags have outscored the two best teams in the AFC North by 25-7.
22Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 24
I’ve said this before in the rankings, but they don’t hand out style points for wins, which is lucky for Colt McCoy and the Browns. Cleveland sits at .500 seven weeks into the season, but they’re averaging under 300 total yards of offense per win this season.
23Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 25
Cam Newton has been a one-man band aid for the Panthers offense this year. After ranking dead-last in passing yards last season, the rookie QB has boosted Carolina into a top five passing unit in 2011.
24Denver Broncos
Last Week: 26
Tim Tebow mania lives another week! Tebow didn’t look sharp for much of the game, but he delivered his team a much-needed win in the final quarter-plus-OT, which is all you can really ask for. But that was against the winless Dolphins. Let’s see what Tebow can do against an angry Detroit team that’s stuck in the middle of a two-game losing streak.
25Washington Redskins
Last Week: 20
The change from Rex Grossman to John Beck didn’t seem to cure what ails the Redskins, but you can’t just point the finger at the QB. In its last three losses, Washington is averaging fewer than 70 rushing yards per game and three turnovers per game. It doesn’t matter if Joe Montana is your quarterback, you won’t win putting up those types of numbers.
26Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 21
With a chance to make a real push for the AFC South crown, the Titans rolled over. They even succumbed to the QB carousel game that many other desperate teams have turned to, inserting rookie QB Jake Locker at the end of their blowout loss to Houston. Locker completed a 12-yard pass during a three and out series, but he’ll be back on the sidelines when the Titans try to recover against the Colts in Week 8.
27Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 22
Anyone who thinks back-up QB Charlie Whitehurst should start over Tarvaris Jackson should take a look at the 137 yards of total offense Whitehurst helped generate against the Browns in Week 7. Get well soon, Tarvaris – the Seahawks, and fans of offensive football everywhere, need you back ASAP.
28Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 28
Kevin Kolb is drawing all the heat, but when you look at the skill position players around him, it’s not all his fault on offense. Besides, the other side of the ball is where the real problems lie. The Cards are 28th in scoring defense and 26th in yard allowed.
29Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 31
All the Vikings fans seemed to be very happy with rookie QB Christian Ponder’s debut start. He went 13-for-32 with 2 INTs. Yes, that’s how low expectations have sunk in Minny this season.
30Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 29
Without Peyton Manning around the Colts passing offense has fallen to pieces. Somehow, the pass defense is even worse. Opponents are completing more than 72 percent of their passes against Indy, with 14 TDs against only 3 INTs.
31St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 30
The Rams haven't scored more than 16 points all season. Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals scored 16 runs in one World Series game. I shouldn’t have to tell you that being outscored by the local baseball team is a bad thing.
32Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 32
When you can’t hold a 15-0 lead for five minutes in your own stadium, you can’t get out of last place in the Professor’s rankings.
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My top 5

it is sooooooooooooo funnyyyyy!

COWBOYS ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come on eagles lets win more games so we can get in the playoffs

totallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!guys!

the panthers should be ranked higher
broncos higher
saints lower
chiefs higher
lions HIGHER
eagles higher
jaguars higher

Heres my top five

You guys really need to update these

john kitna kills everyone

John kitna stinks

my team the LIONS!!!!!!!!!!! r 6-2 get your facts right update

The bucs are that low C'MON MAN!

Just cause the falcons got off to a slow star with 3 close losses to great teams doesn't mean they're out, They an elite team that should be hanging up there around #4 or #5

The Packers are going undeafeated

i am a lions fan and the packers will go 15-1 Go lions

I thank you Professor, for keeping the Patriots so high up on the rankings all season. I don't think the Patriots have ever dipped below the Top 5 this year. Not that I'm complaining, the Pats are the supreme team of the NFL.

Yeah... ProffesorU is right. Also, although Christian Ponder didn't exactly have a wonder debut, you have to keep in mind that Ponder is 100 times better than McNabb, and they were playing the World Champions. Also, on his first-ever drive in the NFL, he hit Visante Shiancoe for a touchdown. Just saying.


Bump up the cowboys

colts 29

saints bump up to 2 place

giants rule!

Also the Saints dont need to go to second place they stink

You can forget that just cause they havent bumped up the cowboys doesnt mean nothing the colts could be the best team in the NFL if Peyton Manning didnt have to get his neck surgery we will be better than you think next year watch now the giants stink and so do the cowboys GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!

giants rock

Bump up the cowboys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colts stink

Saints rule bump them up to 2 place

Heres my top 5:

Here is mine:

I think that philly should be higher even though they had a bad start.they should rebound from it.

Here is my top 5:

Those are kinda lik mine, but heres my Top 5:
1. Patriots
2. Packers
3. 49ers
4. Eagles
5. Bills

Look, i kno U think im screwed up, but i thnk these R fine!

I can agree with that, but here's my Top 5:
1. NE
2. GB
3. BAL
4. PIT
5. SF

those are almost the same as my top five

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