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10 Questions With...Carmelo Anthony

  • 10 Questions
  • Christina M. Tapper
  • October 26, 2011, 5:18 PM

New York Knicks fans enthusiastically welcomed Carmelo Anthony last February after a blockbuster trade sent the former Denver Nugget to the Big Apple. Fans continued to cheer on the All-Star forward as he helped engineer the Knicks, who suffered from a seven-year post-season drought, to a playoff berth. Although New York was knocked out in the first round, Anthony, after only playing two months with the team, gave Knicks fans new hope.

Appreciative of the support, the All-Star forward introduced his newest Jordan Brand sneaker recently, the Melo M8—his gift to all of his NYC supporters. “This is my first sneaker I’m releasing in New York,” Anthony said last week at a New York City pop up store dedicated to the shoe. “It’s a thank you to my fans out here in New York.”

After showing his Melo M8s, Anthony laced up his sneakers to take on our 10 Questions. Keep reading to see how he does.

What time is your alarm set for?

Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry ice cream?
I don’t really eat ice cream, but I’d have to say strawberry.

What was your childhood nickname?
I’ve always had Melo and it just stuck.

If you weren’t an athlete, what would you want to do?
Maybe design sneakers. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I also love art and drawing.

Why do you wear the jersey number you do?
Number 15 was retired by a Hall of Famer, Earl Monroe. So I went to him and asked if I could have the number. He was going to let me. But after I sat down and thought about it, I changed my mind. I’m in New York and this is something new for me. I wanted something fresh. Seven for me, is completion.

What is your favorite city to compete in?
It’s always been New York. The energy, the atmosphere and the people are great.

What do you do on days off?
If I have a day off, I just rest and hang out with my son, take him to soccer practice. I ride my bike around the city. Some people even ride along beside me sometimes.

Who is the greatest athlete of all-time?
I love Muhammad Ali. I love what he stood for. I admire how he approached his sport and everything in life.

Who is your best friend in sports?
LeBron James. We’ve been together since we were high school kids and we’re still close. It’s great that we got to grow up in the league and remain close.

What is the last item that you purchased?
I actually bought a pair of M8s. I just wanted the people to see me purchase my shoe!

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Carmelo Is Better than LeBron
By the way best small forward 4 eva!

Carmelo you are my second favorite basketball player. Sorry, Kobe Bryant beats you, but you are still awesome.

cool you met my favorite player lebron james in highschool

melo kicked but against nigeria

melo is a beast

Why 7:30 Mello?

nice shoes mello!

ayyyyyyyyyy melo tha best. him and mcnameara gave the best team in ncaab history a championship, and melo is the best offensive playa in the nba right now aayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i love the knicks i dont know if lin could play like this every day so melo has to play the way he always does

I think he's a pretty decent player. He's no Michael Jordan but when it comes to basketball, he knows what he's doing. Keep playing hard Carmelo!



ok now this is mi first time sighning up for this!!!!!!!!!!!11

football is ONE word

i am a tom boy and i love foot ball and all kind of storzt and that what it minder to me ps i am a donkeyking toment torromer come and joyin

Pistons are going to stink this year AGAIN!!!!!


OK now what is this about

I get the feeling he loves sneakers!

they call lebron, wade, and bosh the big 3 because of how many quarters they play

they are called the big three because of how many times they flop per minute

I agree.


this lockout is ridiculous. if the players and the owners were'nt so greedy we would'nt have to worry about it. when ever we do have a season i'm hoping the suns can put something together i hated what they did with the draft drafting the that morris i can't remember if was marcus or markeece .

i agree with u the lockout is stupid!!!!!!!!!!

he is such an awesome player very confident man

i love dewane wade as a basketball player but i love m.vike but sikids people can u send $1,000 to my house please

Yeah Ilove him too becus heis the best and he is so fine looking ok but still I agree with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what what are u guys talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!

how bout we split i'll take 500 you take 500

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