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First and Goal: NFL Week 7

Howdy football followers. It’s time for our weekly NFL wrap, courtesy of yours truly, the Professor. There is a lot of quarterback news floating around this week, so let’s cut the chitchat and get right down to it.

The four biggest stories in football this weekend. As always, use the comments area below to answer my questions and talk about your favorite stories from Week 7.

Tim Tebow is all anyone can talk about, so we might as well start here. Tebow looked…um…well…how can I put this nicely? Tebow looked like a back-up Pop Warner quarterback for the first three quarters and half of the fourth on Sunday. He only had three completions in the first half and his team was being shutout deep into the fourth quarter. Then that classic “Tebow Magic” kicked in. Or did it?

Look, Tebow got his team the win, but you have to remember that he did it against a winless and aimless Miami Dolphins team. All Miami had to do was field an onside kick – something most teams do effortlessly – and we wouldn’t even be talking about Tebow’s magical comeback. Then in overtime, Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams made the biggest play of the game by stripping Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore, giving the Broncos the ball in field-goal range. (Tebow Magic kicked in to drive the Broncos all of two more yards before Broncos kicker Matt Prater nailed the game-winner.)

Did Tebow show that he can spark a team with his energy? Sure, but he also got lucky against a very bad team.  What do you guys think: is Tebow on the verge of turning the Broncos around or was his first start of the season nothing more than a fluky win?

Cam Newton Has Arrived
With all the hype flying around Tebow – and remember, this is already his second season – Cam Newton’s incredible rookie season seems to be flying under the radar. Newton is averaging an impressive 300 yards a game through the air and 8.35 yards per pass attempt. Throw in his 7 rushing TDs and Newton looks like the dynamic double-threat QB we should all really be talking about. If the Panthers can squeeze out some more victories, Newton should start getting the respect he deserves, even as a rookie. What do you think: are you surprised with Newton’s rookie year or did you expect him to play this well this quickly?

The Raiders May Have Thrown Away Their Future…And Their Present
I know it’s only one week, but YIKES. Oakland threw a boatload of draft picks at Cincinnati in order to get Carson Palmer and in his first half of action for the Raiders, Palmer went out and tossed three picks (including on pick-six). Nobody thought this was a good idea for the long-term health of the Raiders franchise, but most NFL fans were at least curious to see what Palmer could do for the Oakland passing attack. Well, we have the first part of the answer, and it’s not pretty. What do you think: will Palmer get more comfortable with the offense and keep the Raiders in the playoff race or will he continue to stink it up and doom the Raiders both this season and for many to come?

Brown And Out In Cleveland
If you see highlights of the Browns-Seahawks game coming up on your TV, do anything you can to miss them. Either look away, turn the TV off entirely or switch the channel to something more entertaining, like the Teletubbies. Just do anything you can to make sure you don’t see a minute of this game. The highlights for Cleveland: a win and 42:56 time of possession. The highlights for Seattle: two blocked field goals. The highlight for us: these two teams will not play each other again this year. My goodness, what a stinker. What do you think: should we destroy all highlights of this game so football fans never have to think about it again?

Who excelled and who came up short this week. Nominate your own in the comments below!

Demarco Murray, DAL:
253 rushing yards, 1 TD
Arian Foster, HOU:234 yards from scrimmage, 2 TDs
Drew Brees, NO: 31-for-35, 325 yards, 5 TDs

Matt Hasselbeck, TEN: 14-for-30, 104 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs
Philip Rivers, SD: 16-for-32, 179 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs
All of the Seattle Seahawks/Cleveland Browns

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i love football my favorite teams are ohio state and dallas cowboy because i love watching the girls cheer

i just love football

Cam Newton is really good,and Tim Tebow is underrated but the Raiders need a good quarterback not Carson Palmer.

cam newton is a beast but they lost sunday.

Cam stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cam Newton is great, what are you talking about???

no chargers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

both stink

Who thinks Cam"Legand"Newton is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Join the club.... of sports awesomeness!


newton's having a good rookie year but i don't think he's going be too good for the rest of his career. by the way you spelled legend wrong

Cowboys Rule, Redskins drool. How awesome is C

you nkon you are right




The dallaes cowboy's rock

I really don't like Tim Tebow!

Tebow is awesome!!!!!!!!


Prety good.

how do you like brett farve?

carson palmer stinks how bout them lions

No offence to Profellor U but his innicials are P.U.. Like P.U. it stinks in here. But Professor U is awesome

bro jump said lsu foot ball go hard oct-27

this artcal is so cool and of course i love football

jets are boss

I know they don't talk about this but who's better Welker or calvin johnson. please reply

overall megatron's probably the receiver in the but welker's probably 2nd when andre's healthy he might better but right now welker and megatron are the top 2

Welker is good at what he does, but Megatron is way better. You also have to remember that Welker has a way better qb.

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