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adidas Basketball Team Nights

  • Hoophead
  • Eric Levenson
  • July 29, 2011, 3:03 PM

The NBA may be in a lockout, but that doesn’t mean there’s no pro basketball going on. The WNBA is in full force and the excitement is just heating up with something special. Get to the stadium and young ballers could leave with a prize in any size.

Let me put that another way: Who wants free t-shirts?!

Each WNBA team is hosting adidas Basketball Team Nights for their young fans for five games this season. On those specific nights, any fans under age 18 wearing their youth basketball team’s gear will get a free adidas Basketball T-shirt. Some of the biggest games of the season take place during the giveaway, including a battle for 1st in the West between the Minnesota Lynx and San Antonio Silver Stars. And who knows? Maybe Maya Moore will notice you in the crowd after a big shot. With a cool adidas Basketball shirt, you’ll definitely stand out.

So don’t be shy! Whether you are a ball-handler, sharpshooter or big man, show off to the world your basketball pride and put on your youth team’s apparel. To find out when and where you can get in on the fun, check your favorite WNBA schedule to see if you could leave the stadium with a new free tee.

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that girl know how to play ball.

Female athletes are just as talented as male athletes and should be given the same respect. If you enjoy watching NBA games you will enjoy watching WNBA games. They are both basketball! Meanwhile, it's too bad the author of this post thinks the only good reason to attend a WNBA game is to get a free t-shirt. I would've liked to read more about the players and what's going on in the league. Girls are TOTALLY AWESOME and can do ANYTHING they want to, especially play in the WNBA!

who watches womans basketball

i do


sometimes i don't really watch WNBA games but i might decide to attend one sometime.

WNBA players are awesome! I hope to get there one day....

i hope i get there 2...

no one wants 2 watch women play they might be better than us

she will not get to the final

what are u takling about

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