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Arian Foster Takes On A Mechanical Bull…And Loses

NFL running backs like to get hit – if they didn’t, they’d have picked a less physically demanding position – so the longer this lockout lasts, the more creative players have to be to get their competitive juices flowing.

Well I think Houston Texans Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster might have just come up with the most amusing way to get a little roughhousing in during his extended vacation. If you need a quick afternoon laugh, click on the video player and check out last year’s leading rusher getting tossed for a ride when he takes on a mechanical bull.

Foster was goofing around in Los Angeles for a serious cause, doing his part to help promote SUBWAY’S All-Star BBQ for charity, which benefits the West Alabama Food Bank (WAFB), a non-profit organization devoted to feeding victims of the recent flood disaster.  You can donate $10 by texting "FOOD" to 27722, and Subway matches the donation.

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wow that was surprising

I would say it hurt him, but i know his job so how much could it really do.


what im saying is Reggie bush is the greatest NFL player ever. hes fast man and Seahawks are winning the super bowl and im not even from seattle i just think that

thats what i'm saying. WoooooooooooooooooooooooW



in my hart im a man

Reggie Bush

Thats what you like to think you are. In my hart i am a fish


Seahawks are winning the super bowl

Swan Dive

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