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2011 MLB Midseason Awards

The first half of the 2011 MLB season delivered some surprises — both the Indians and the Pirates emerged from the bottom of their divisions after finishing the 2010 season 25 and 34 games back respectively. Then again, the stacked and steady Phillies own the best record in baseball and the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is heating up in the AL East. It may only be July, but all signs point to some exciting fall ball.

As the game’s best report to Arizona for the All-Star game, we break down the numbers for SI Kids’ midseason awards. Keep reading to see our picks.

1. Jose Bautista - Toronto
2. Adrian Gonzalez - Boston
3. Miguel Cabrera - Detroit

Bautista leads the major leagues in home runs (29), on-base percentage (.467), slugging (.691), and walks (71). After a breakout season in 2010, the slugger is proving that he’s a reliable power hitter.

Justin Verlander - Detroit
Jered Weaver – Los Angeles
C.C. Sabathia – New York

Verlander’s fear factor separates him from the other top pitchers in the American League. His heater blew through Toronto’s lineup on May 7 for his second career no-hitter, and he leads the AL in strikeouts (138).

Michael Pineda - Seattle
Jeremy Hellickson – Tampa Bay
Zach Britton - Baltimore

Pineda’s mid-90s fastball is catching veterans around the league off-guard. Hitters are only batting .193 (4th in the major leagues) off the Mariners’ newest hot shot.

Manny Acta - Cleveland
Joe Maddon – Tampa Bay
Terry Francona - Boston

Cleveland’s second-year manager turned a team with 93 losses in 2010 into a favorite for first place in the AL Central.

Matt Kemp – Los Angeles
Jose Reyes – New York
Prince Fielder - Milwaukee

Jose Reyes has speed and Prince Fielder has power, but Matt Kemp brings both to the field. Through July 7, the first-time All-Star ranks first in the NL in slugging (.602) and third in homers (22) while leading the Dodgers in stolen bases (26).

Roy Halladay - Philadelphia
Jair Jurrjens - Atlanta
Cole Hamels - Philadelphia

Jurrjens leads the NL in wins (12) and ERA (1.87), but Halladay is right behind him with 11 wins and has twice as many strikeouts (131). Plus, “Doc’s” six complete games have given the Phillies bullpen some valuable rest.

Craig Kimbrel - Atlanta
Danny Espinosa - Washington
Dillon Gee – New York

Kimbrel’s 27 saves lead the National League. With Jair Jurrjens and Tommy Hanson starting games and Kimbrel closing them, Atlanta’s opponents are at a serious disadvantage.

Clint Hurdle - Pittsburgh
Charlie Manuel - Philadelphia
Tony La Russa – St. Louis

If Hurdle can keep the Pirates above .500 at the All-Star break, he’d be the first Pittsburgh manager to do so since 1992. 

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What team do you like. I like the braves.

al mvp Mark Texiera
nl mvp Prince Fielder
al Cy Young Justin Verlander
nl Cy Young Roy Halladay

AL MVP: Jose Bautista
NL MVP: Matt Kemp
AL CY: Justin Verlander
NL CY: Clayton Kershaw
AL ROY: Ivan Nova
NL ROY: Danny Espinoza
AL MOY: Manny Acta
NL MOY: Kirk Gibson

Al mvp Gonzalez
Nl mvp Fielder
Al CY Verlander
Nl CY Halladay
Al ROY Hellickson
Nl Roy Gee
Al Manager Francona
NL Manager Hurdle

al mvp adrian gonzalez
nl mvp prince fielder
al cy young justin verlander
nl cy young roy halladay (even though im a naionals fan)
al roy zach britton
nl roy danny espinosa (he's already got 18 homers)
al manager terry francora
nl manager clint hurdle


You have to love baseball.

Kemp 4 MvP he is having a monster year go dodgers kershaw

Ubaldo Jimenez is offically a Indian. Baseball fans, I want to know if you like or dislike the Rockies Indians trade for Ubaldo Jimenez

How about the Phillies taking Hunter Pence from the Astros. Please comment.

I bet pence was happy haha :-)

best thing that ever happened to the national league

Congrates to all the award holders

No Rangers?

I love the braves go braves.

I love the rangers go rangers

Well there is not one person who stands out. They work as a team. There aren't anybody on that team that has all the team on their shoulders. That is why there are no Rangers on the Midseason awards.

HI everybody i would like to voice my opinion. ICHIRO suzuki should be the AL MVP hes a monster. hes better then everyplayer right now you cant defeat the ichiro. MARINERS will be the 2011 world series champs yaaaa thats right ichiro bringing the trophy to Seattle Giant and Phillies will lose to the mariners if they meet in the world series i know what im talking about.

Freddie Freeman should be number 1 or 2 in rookie of the year. Jair jurrjens has been really good for the bravos as well. If there was an award for the best bullpen as a team the braves pen would win it; Johnny venters, Eric o'flaherty, and Craig Kimbrell are really good.

AL MVP: Jose Bautista
AL CY: Jered Weaver
AL ROY: Pineda
AL MOY: Manny Acta
NL MVP: Lance Berkman
NL CY: Brian Wilson (don't forget closers are pitchers too!)
NL ROY: Freddie Freeman
NL MOY: Clint Hurdle

Clint Hurdle is a miracle worker with the Rockies and the Pirates!

kemp not berkman berkman 4 comeback player of year

Lets go Pirates! That is America's team this year. If it comes down to Yankess v.s. Pirates or something the buccos are taking it. GO Angels

Pirates picked up a big bat of Derek Lee last night. Hopefully that will boost the Pirates in the playoffs. The Pirates have been looking for a big bat all season. Now that they have one they are a force to be reckoned with

pirates are doing better but there still not doing that good

they used to be bad but now there doing good

No they aren't that good.

jeter !

Yuck. How about some young or some moreland.

Louisville bats rule

I have the Easton Rival and that bat is BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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