Paul Ulane

Walking the Walk with GeoPalz Pedometers

  • GearHead
  • Paul Ulane
  • June 3, 2011, 7:47 AM

Did you know every time you step outside to take a walk, you’re getting good exercise? It may not seem like much, but all those steps can add up to quite a workout over the course of the day. If you don’t believe me, you might want to check out a new product from GeoPalz which can track just how much exercise you’re getting during your daily strolls.

First, you start with a pedometer, which is a device that tracks how many steps you take. Most pedometers look the same, but GeoPalz has created a bunch of cool designs for you with themes like sports, skeletons, rock n’ roll and fantasy.

To compliment their unique set of pedometers, GeoPalz has now added an iPhone app that will track everyone in your family. The app lets you not only track your steps but also your total distance travelled. If you set everyone up, from friends to family, you can track anyone in your group on the app.

Sounds to us like walking just got a little more competitive.

The GeoPalz iPhone app is available now in the Apple Store and is free to users who are currently registered with the GeoPalz website. For more info, check out

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well, my physical education teacher has these. we used them on a section is p.e. Although,you wouldn't really get much exercise.

Then what use is it

Well I've seen these things all the time... I really don't see a purpose for it.


I love to exercise and run around but I don't need another thing like this thing here my dad has one. My dad goes on a lot of bike rides I don't no why?

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