Paul Ulane

8-Year Old QB Phenom

I can barely throw a perfect spiral, so you can imagine how impressed I was when I saw a video of someone throwing a perfect spiral into a basketball hoop from center court. Then I found out he was only eight years old! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

But it’s all true. The kid’s name is Daron Bryden and if you don’t believe me, check out the video right here.

Seriously, this guy’s got skills. He’s already the top ranked quarterback in New England for his age group. He’s so good, in fact, that his league moved him up an age group this season. Bryden isn’t just a YouTube sensation, college scouts are already drooling over his skill set, too. It’s easy to see how Bryden might become the next Peyton Manning if he keeps up the hard work.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to practicing my spirals… 

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On the first throw @ the last sec. it curves and "goes in"
on the 2nd trhow it did not even go in
third one solid but i know some guys who could do that
but i loved the guy'd WHOOOOO`1

It probably took this kid alot of trys but I dont think you could do that when you were 8

cool i think that is goog i could never do that so i am proud of hi lol

the redskins could use him!

yep no kidding

Who ranks 8 year old quarterbacks in New England

This is the fakest thing i ever saw.

i totally agree

we'll see if he can hit a moving human target not a trash can.

What does him throwing a football in a basketball net have to do with anything? I mean yeah the kid has an arm! But that doesn't prove whether he's a good player or not.


That kid is the next Tom Brady. That kid could probably hit a plastic water bottle from 50 yards away.

spirals are easy, you just jolt your wrist and throw upward

pro ulane spirals are super easy.

Don't yall think yall are overexhagerrating, I mean this takes a lot of practice, and how do you know he does'nt break his finger. I'm not trying to criticize, beacause I have the top rating for passing in Tallahassee, how do you think an 8 year old could deal with this kind of pressure, this is all coming from a 12 year old.

I cant wait to see how good he will be in the NFL

guyz u do realixe it took him like 1000 trys before he got the shot

yeah he's ok.

got that right!

that kid is the best kid QB I have ever seen. If he isn't as good Rodger he WIIL be.

That kid is the kid QB I have seen he is as good as rodger if not he will be.

Okay Ive been told im the best Qb in my town in my age group but this kid could probaly kick my butt! And i'm 11! Here's the next Peyton Manning: Daron Bryden. Dang He's good.


If that kid doesn't make it to the NFL, the scouts are idiots!

i agree

I agree.

I agree.

We have another All-american Qb in new jersey! check him out! youtube brakeboyz4life! Zamar the Star Brake!Check him out best 9yr. qb int New Jersey!!!

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