Sachin Shenolikar

NBA All-Star Goes to the Dogs...

  • Hoophead
  • Sachin Shenolikar
  • February 23, 2011, 12:57 PM

On my way out of the Staples Center, I ran into the most popular pup in the neighborhood: George the bulldog, the unofficial mascot of the Lakers. Chilling out in the arena wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, nearly every fan stopped to pet him or take a photo. Kobe may have won MVP honors during the game, but there was no doubt George was the post-game MVP (Most Valuable Puppy). Keep reading to see one more picture of George lounging after a long day.

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i think we got a sports fan

Its sad that people will do anything for publisity

sad!!adorable puppy hideous clothes how could they do that to him??!

melo jersey right for him.

that would be bad if he was a hot dog

I know but pepole will do anything for publisity

to; footballace1633....... kobe bryant is a jerk, to his teammates he should be ashamed for the way he acts in front of his fans, so yes i do not like kobe!!!!!


That poor dog has to wear that hideous jersey so sad

you have to agree with basketballanimal585he should wear a Durant jersey.

My eyes they burn!!!!!!

I agree, what a horrible choice of clothing for that dog. It deserves a better attire.

u saying u don't like kobe???? what is wrong with u animal??

I like huskys cause they r my mascot

Bulldogs are my favorite kind of dog

i bet the dog is better than kobe

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