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Dunk All Day with Nerfoop

  • GearHead
  • Paul Ulane
  • February 18, 2011, 1:39 PM

NBA All-Star weekend is finally here! NBA fans have a whole weekend to soak in the league’s best players putting on a show, from the celebrity game to the rookie-sophomore contest all the way to main event on Sunday evening. But there’s still one competition that trumps all the others: the dunk contest.

Watching the league’s most athletic players showing off their most impressive dunks has always been my favorite moment of All-Star weekend. Julius Erving. Michael Jordan. Vince Carter. Legends are made in the dunk contest. We all wish we could fly through the air and pull off some of the most iconic dunks, but most of us, myself included, can’t jump high enough to do a 360 tomahawk on a regulation 10-foot rim.

And that’s where Nerfoop Pro Basketball Set comes into play.

This isn’t just an ordinary indoor Nerf basketball set-up for your basement. You can now put the set-up through a serious beating either practicing by yourself or challenging your friends. It’s got a stronger rim that will survive your fiercest indoor jams; a newer, bigger backboard for a wider variety of bank shots; a ball that bounces on any hard surface and adjustable hangers that can fit on a variety of different door sizes. You can set it up in less than five minutes and you’re ready to play.

So get yourself pumped up for the dunk contest by pulling off some of your own sweet jams on a Nerfoop. Then tune in to see what the big boys do on Saturday night so you can get to work practicing anything new that Blake Griffin and his competitors unveil during the real competition.

Nerfoop is for ages 8 and up and costs $19.99 

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hope dr1 wins

dunk contests are the bomb with this thing!!!

now that a nerf toy that beetter then that football

That is awesome,I have a nerf hoop but it is not like that.Reply

nerfoop looks cool

I didnt have a nerf hoop during the dunk contest and all the other contests. they were all awesome and yes thank you blake griffin for winning.

Blake Griffin is awsome!


I've got one in my room it is so cool :)

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