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1st and Goal with the Wiz: Divisional Playoff Review

It was a playoff weekend full of surprises, big performances and major flops. Here's a look at the heroes and zeroes of the games...

The Heroes
Jets defensive backs:
The pass rush didn't always get to Tom Brady quickly, but the Jets secondary made sure he had nowhere to throw the ball on Sunday. Brady's nearly impossible to stop, but with their cornerbacks and safeties sticking to receivers like glue, Gang Green got it done.

James Harrison: The Ravens second half collapse had a lot to do with Number 92. Harrison played like the superstar that he is, getting to Joe Flacco for two sacks and constantly keeping the pressure on. He even dropped back into coverage and made some plays.

Jay Cutler: It was Cutler's first postseason game since high school. Even though he made a couple of ill-advised throws, he pretty much played a great game, throwing for 274 yards without an interception and even lowering his shoulder and running for two touchdowns. It looked like he was having a lot of fun out there.

Tramon Williams: He's clearly surpassed Charles Woodson as Green Bay's best cornerback. In fact, Williams is staking his claim to being one of the NFL's best. He had two key picks on Saturday night, one in the end zone and another when the Falcons were moving into field goal position at the end of the first half, running it back for a pick six.

The Zeroes
The Patriots Way:
New England's entire performance on Sunday was very un-Patriot like in every way. Tom Brady just didn't look like himself in the first half, throwing an awful interception and generally misfiring time and time again. In the second half, he showed little sense of urgency as the Pats were playing from behind. The Patriots also let themselves get caught in a war of words with the Jets. Wes Welker earned himself an early-game benching. And hey Deion Branch, what are you doing talking trash to the Jets sideline. You're the worst player on the field, dude!

T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Speaking of guys who talk when they shouldn't, Housh is exhibit A. He thought he was a star for the Bengals because he made a lot of catches. In reality, opposing defenses were just focused on stopping Chad Johnson, and Housh's inability to make plays after the catch is a big reason why the Bengals never got anywhere in the playoffs. The Seahawks made a tragic mistake of signing him to a huge contract, and when Pete Carroll came to Seattle one of the first things he did was cut Housh from the team. But STILL, Housh thinks he's a star. He spent the season complaining about not getting enough passes his way for the Ravens, and throwing his arms up in the air and complaining when Joe Flacco was running for his life against the Steelers pass rush. Well, Housh got his chance to deliver on Saturday, and instead choked on the biggest play of his career. On 4th down with the Ravens driving for a tying score in the final minute, their season ended when Flacco's pass went through Housh's hands, bounced off his chest and fell to the ground. I'd be shocked if Baltimore brought him back next year. In fact, I'd be shocked if any team wasted a roster spot on him.

Matt Ryan: It just wasn't Matty Ice's night on Saturday. He was a beat late on every throw, and when he threw that pick six to Tramon Williams at the end of the first half, the Falcons were toast. Better days are ahead for Ryan and the Falcons, but this one hurts.

Seahawks running game: Seattle's leading rusher on Sunday was wide receiver Golden Tate: 1 carry, 13 yards. Their running backs combined for 10 carries and 21 yards. A performance like that is a good way to get your butts kicked on the road in the NFL playoffs.

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GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Who likes the Patriot's it's just if patriot's didn't have brady the Patriot's would be bad.But they still lost.Go Packers in superbowl.

i agree, the pats stink

The Jets and Bears LOST



J-E-T-S rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))

The Steelers BEAT them DURRRRRRRR.

How do they rock when THE STEELERS BEAT THEM Hu tell me THAT.

dog is fun

go bears

Packers 23 at
Bears 27

Jets 17 at
Steelers 13

Why does everybody think that everyone on the packers are tops at teir position. the only reason rodgers is as good as he is is because he has tall wide receivers. JamesStarks had twpo seventy five yard games. that doesnt give the packers a running game.

Everyone thinks the PAckers are tops because they are. Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the playoffs right now, and his team can back him up.

the reason Aaron Rodgers is good is not because he has tall receivers, his top 2 receivers are kind of short Greg Jennings is 5'11" and Donald Driver is only 6'0". Rodgers is just a really good QB. Also Starks had 123 yard game against the Eagles not 75 yards, and the Packers do have a running game James Starks is running great right now. GO PACK GO!!!!!!!


Jets 31 Steelers 28 (in ot)
Packers 23 Bears 17

SUPERBOWL: Jets 35 Packers 24

Exact Opposite

j-e-t-s jets jets jets what a win vs the patriot!!!!!!!!!! sanchez,with nice passes

jets rrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooccccccccccccckkkkk whAT A WIN

GO JETS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about Polamalu look how bad he played he needs to get his stuff back see Steelers in Big D o my bad the Super Bowl is in Arlington not Dallas!


Polamalu is doing better than your whole team combined.

Take that Pats! GO JETS!

ggoo jets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jets rock!!!

Plenty of people H-A-T-E HATE the Jets. I don't know what you are talking about.

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