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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Sure, the holiday season is upon us, but more importantly, the playoff push is officially on. The Pats, Falcons and Bears have all grabbed their post-season spots, but the rest of the field is still up in the air. Keep reading to see where your team landed heading into the final two weeks of the season. And as always, let me know what you think in the comments below.

NFL Power Rankings

1New England Patriots
Last Week: 1
So they didn’t win by 35 points, which was a little out of character, but the Pats still won and stayed on track for homefield throughout the playoffs. As of now, they’re still the team to beat.
2Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 2
The Falcons are unbeatable at home – Matt Ryan is 19-1 at the Georgia Dome – but they’re not too shabby on the road, either. After ripping off three straight wins away from home, this is clearly the class of the NFC.
3Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 4
Michael Vick might be the most dangerous weapon in the playoffs. After watching him run and pass all over the Meadowlands on Sunday, it’s safe to say whoever get the Eagles in the playoffs will have their hands full gameplanning for the multifaceted quarterback with 10 career 100-yard rushing games.
4Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 6
Where has that Ray Rice gameplan been all season? Rice went off for only his second 100-yard rushing game in Week 15 and the Ravens got their most impressive win of the season. If Rice gets rolling, this Ravens team will be tough to knock out of the playoffs.
5New York Jets
Last Week: 11
Gang Green really needed that Pittsburgh win and the Jets played smart football to get it. New York had its first turnover-free game since early October and now the team sits on the brink of consecutive playoff appearances for the first time since 2002.
6Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 3
They still have the best rushing defense in the league, but I think they have too many injuries to overcome for a serious Super Bowl push. If safety Troy Polamalu can get back to 100 percent, they’ll be in much better shape.
7San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 7
They are definitely a top ten team in the NFL, but thanks to another sluggish start, the Chargers might be on the outside looking in during the playoffs.
8New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 5
The Saints have a hard time winning without a balanced offensive attack. In their four losses this year, New Orleans hasn’t topped 85 yards on the ground.
9Chicago Bears
Last Week: 12
They’re the first team to clinch their division, but it’s hard to see them making any noise in the playoffs unless they fix up their offense. The Bears O ranks 25th or worse in both passing and rushing yards.
10Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 13
They’re back in control of their playoff destiny and with Peyton Manning calling the shots, you have to like their chances for a post-season run.
11New York Giants
Last Week: 8
What an absolutely crushing defeat at the hands of the Eagles. But it’s only one loss. The Giants can still land in the playoffs if they can bounce back and prevail in back to back road contests to close out the season.
12Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 9
No one would take these Jags for real until they finally knocked the Colts out of the playoffs. Well, they had their chance and failed. Now the Colts control both their destiny and the Jags destiny in the last two weeks of the season.
13Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 10
This team is in a lot of trouble without Aaron Rodgers. Hopefully he’s healthy enough to play in Week 16 and can stay healthy until the end of the season. The defense is doing its part to keep these Packers in games, but this is not a real contender without a healthy Rodgers.
14Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 15
The Chiefs are two home game wins away from the playoffs. Sure, they’ve had an easy schedule this season, but they also have the best rushing attack in the league, so they won’t be an easy out in the post-season.
15Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 17
It’s too late for the playoffs this year, but the Raiders seem to have a solid foundation for the first time in a decade, starting with running back Darren McFadden, who had his first 1,000 yard season.
16Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 16
The crushing loss to the Lions probably ended the unexpected playoff run for this year’s scrappy Bucs. Still, Josh Freeman is the real deal and the defense plays really well as a unit.
17Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 14
Another home game, another loss. That’s been the story of this bizarre season for the Dolphins, who only have one home win on the year.
18St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 18
6-8 and still in contention for the division title. Such is life in the NFC West.
19Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 19
As good as the offense has been in the past couple weeks, the defense has been just as bad. America’s Team needs to patch up their defensive unit to be real contenders.
20Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 22
The Bills have a win streak! I doubt it will reach three with the Pats coming to town, but it’s worth enjoying while it lasts.
21San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 21
5-9 and still in contention for the division title. Such is life in the NFC West.
22Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 23
Colt McCoy looks recovered from his ankle injury…although he might want to reconsider with the hard-hitting Ravens and Steelers closing out the Browns schedule.
23Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 24
6-8 and still in contention for the division title. Such is life in the NFC West.
24Detroit Lions
Last Week: 25
Congrats on the Lions getting their first road win since 2007.
25Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 26
If that vicious hit Brett Favre took on Monday night won’t send him into retirement, nothing will.
26Washington Redskins
Last Week: 28
You have to take the good with the bad when Rex Grossman is your quarterback. Case in point: in his first start for the Redskins, Grossman threw four touchdown passes…but also had two interceptions and a fumble.
27Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 31
The Bengals broke their ten game losing streak by getting back to running the football (they had a season-high 188 yards on the ground in Week 15). Unfortunately, it’s too little too late for this year’s team.
28Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 29
They finally got a win but the real question for this franchise going forward is who will start at quarterback next year?
29Houston Texans
Last Week: 20
Head coach Gary Kubiak is on a pretty hot seat right about now. After starting the year 4-2, the Texans have dropped seven of their last eight games.
30Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 32
These Panthers just don’t have enough firepower to keep up with other teams in the NFL, as evidenced by their league-worst 13.1 points per game.
31Denver Broncos
Last Week: 30
Tim Tebow looks like he can cause some match-up problems for opposing defenses with his running skills. It will be interesting to see what he can do in the final two weeks of the season.
32Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 27
You want to know how bad these Cardinals are? They’re not even in contention for the NFC West title.
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eagles suck!!!!!! packers rule!!!! :)

ya right BEARS rule packers suck the only good players on the packers is arron rodgers and clay mathews

thanks for putting the Eagles in 6th place. They really worked hard this year, and they did very well, but to lose against the Packers......? WHO LOSES TO THE PACKERS????????


i am bored so here is a poll wat do you wanna be when you get older?

(type answer below)

packers outside linebacker

I wanna be a Tight End for the Philidelphia Eagles. Also, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!

i wanna be a chicago bears qb

a broncos watcher
P.S. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

a broncos watcher
P.S. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

the packers are in the playoffs.i predict the final out come of eagles packers is packers eagles

28 13

No sir the eagles are at home it ends with a last second field goal by David Akers 27-24.Go eagles!

my team is the saints and steelers are the best drew brees and ben

ok guys from the afc and nfc what happens if they play each other in the super bowl dude one team ONLY

An AFC and NFC team HockeyHawk136,but you can't have two from the same conference thats not right.My team is the eagles,but I root for the ravens in the AFC.

how can you have to favorite teams!! that is just wrong pick a side

Hey Ulane i'm rooting for the bears this week because i am a giants fan. Go giants and bears

Not to Brag, but My prediction before the season was that the Falcons were gonna be good and EVERYONE doubted me! Even my dad said,"No, they'll go 9-7 or 8-8." No that's not bragging.

Not to bring you down, but i think a ton of people thought the Falcons would be great, i know i did, and lots of people i know. So i don't think that you should be that proud of it. If you thought the Buccaneers would be great and the Bengals not, then good for you, but predicting the Falcons would be good isn't saying much.

if you are a vikings fan you just made us lose so badly n tuesday v.s eagles.

the vikings are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah your right they did make them lose i wish eagles would win but thats the vikings loss cause there to weak for the eagles.

raiders are not a good the best team the eagles are the best

Very typical blog, if you ask me, they pretty much ranked this by the teams' record not necessarily talent, but it's what you would expect from them since they predicted that the miami heat would win the NBA title. I personally would rank the saints over the falcons at number 2 but still behind the patriots. Also, I'm not quite sure that the bears should be that high because I don't think that Jay Cutler is consistent enough, in other words, he will throw 4 td one game, then the next game he'll throw 4 int. I do, however, agree with the number 1 spot of the patriots but everyone would have chosen tom brady, wes welker, deion branch, and danny woodhead at number 1.

saints over the falcons NO WAY

Raiders Rock! Yeah football! Yeah! Well duh? Yeah!
-Wicked Web

true dat

Man i am sure proud of my broncos and tim tebow of coming back to WIN for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I Agree with you Ulane. Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha Ha did u see Ed Reed catch on fire? He sat too close to a heater!!!
Ha Ha

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