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Danny Woodhead: Running Back, Special Teams Player...Jersey Salesman?

When you think New England Patriots, you think Tom Brady. But the Pats aren't looking at a #1 seed throughout the playoffs just because of their long-haired QB. It's been a total team effort in New England this season and one of the emerging contributors is Pats running back Danny Woodhead.

How can you not root for the little guy? He's only 5'9", but his contributions to the Patriots have been huge. He's got four rushing touchdowns, one receiving touchdown and if you check out the video he just made, you'll also see he's got a great sense of humor. 

Clearly, Woodhead is not a household name in the NFL yet. But you think Pats fans would recognize their new cult hero! Check out the video to see what happens when Woodhead pretends to be a Modell's employee selling #39 Woodhead jerseys.

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I dont get that at all somebody selling there own jersy

it is a gag dude

It's weird when you're trying to get someone to buy your jersey and then they insult you.


I'd buy the jersey

Danny Woodhead is awesome I would buy the jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

eagles hav a part in the PLAYOFSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*()_+

Cool, and funny.

Im not a pats fan but iI have to admit that was pretty funny

he is FUNNY! i like him + im a pats fan so.............. :D REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

pats are not the best in NFL eagles are the best in NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danny woodhead is the bomb!!

oh yeah!

Thats were you are wrong

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