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NFL Power Rankings Week 14

There are two superpowers left in the NFL, one in each conference. The 10-2 Falcons and the 10-2 Patriots have one month to survive before clinching homefield advantage in the playoffs, and then the real fun starts. But before we start setting playoff seeds, we need to figure out who is the best right now. Keep reading to find out where your team landed. And of course, let me know what you think in the comments below!

NFL Power Rankings
1New England Patriots
Last Week: 1
If you saw the Monday night massacre, you know that this team can score. But it’s the defense that’s stepped up in the last month, making key plays and allowing an average of 20 points per game in the team’s last four games. That may not sound impressive, but when your offense is scoring over 30 points a game, it will get the job done.
2Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 3
They keep winning, but it’s by the closest of margins. After last-second wins by 3 and 4 in their last two games, the Falcons sit atop the NFC. Just remember what happened to the Jets after a string of a couple close wins…
3Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 5
The number two seed in the AFC is theirs to lose following that tough victory over the Ravens. If Big Ben can continue to make plays on his broken foot, they should be fine.
4Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 6
They were one bad play call away from finally beating Big Ben. Unfortunately, that one play (Joe Flacco dropping back to pass late in a game they were winning before being strip-sacked) may drop them from a potential two seed to a potential five seed in the playoffs.
5Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 9
Their offense is as pretty as their throwback uniforms in Week 13 are ugly. The Pack has scored 31 or more in three (all wins) of their last four games to stay right on the heels of the Bears in the NFC North.
6New York Jets
Last Week: 2
Do you realize the only team the Jets have beaten this season with a winning record is the Patriots? And that was when the Patriots were 1-0 in Week 2? It’s only one loss, but Jets fans better hope that big blowout on Monday night was a fluke and not a sign of things to come.
7Chicago Bears
Last Week: 7
It’s better to win a trap game than to lose a trap game, and the Bears did just that in knocking off the Lions. Up next comes the real measuring stick: the red-hot Patriots and Tom Brady. Julius Peppers has five sacks in his last three games, and he needs to continue getting to the quarterback if the Bears are going to have any chance to pull off the upset at home.
8Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 10
Michael Vick continues to light up the stat sheet, but every week, he seems to get dinged up just a little more. The Eagles have to protect their quarterback, and Vick has to stay in the pocket more, if Philly wants to make a real run in the post-season.
9New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 8
Drew Brees pulled off the oldest trick in the book by drawing the Bengals offsides on a game-changing 4th and 2 play in Week 13. Obviously Brees is the biggest key to the Saints offense, but don’t sleep on what receiver Marques Colston has done to help spur the Saints five-game winning streak. Colston has 42 catches, 423 yards and four TDs in the Saints last five contests.
10San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 4
Speaking of stinkers, the Chargers got whupped at home by giving up 251 rushing yards to the Raiders. Is this finally the year the Chargers can’t make a late-season push into the playoffs? We’ll find out this week during their HUGE game against the AFC West-leading Chiefs.
11New York Giants
Last Week: 11
The G-Men stomped the Redskins with 197 yards on the ground in their Week 13 win and it’s very clear what they need to do win games. The Giants average 67 more yards rushing per game in their wins than their losses.
12Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 13
Betcha don’t know these fun facts: Matt Cassel has the fourth most touchdown passes in the league (23) while also throwing the second fewest interceptions among qualifying QBs (4).
13Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 15
Don’t look now, but the Jags have the second best rushing attack in the league with Maurice Jones-Drew’s five consecutive 100-yard rushing games leading the way. If they can fix up their leaky secondary (the Jags are 27th in the league in passing yards allowed), Jacksonville could surprise some folks before the season ends.
14Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 12
The Colts would be among those folks surprised by the Jags. Indianapolis hasn’t missed the playoffs since 2001, but currently sits in second place, a game behind the Jags, a team they’ve already lost to once this season.
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 14
Tampa continues to lose against teams with plus-.500 records, and unfortunately, that might mean missing the playoffs despite recording 10 wins. Those are the unfortunate facts when you share a division with Atlanta and New Orleans.
16Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 17
The Raiders piled up 251 yards on the ground to sweep the Chargers for the first time since 2001. Still, they’re going to stay down here in the rankings until they prove they can handle the attention. Remember when they were riding high on a three-game winning streak and travelled east to play Pittsburgh? That ended with a 35-3 Steelers blowout. Now the Raiders look strong again and are travelling east to play the Jags.
17Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 16
The Dolphins have alternated a win with a loss every week since October 4th. In other words, prepare for an 8-8 season, Dolphins fans.
18St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 21
From the beginning of the 2008 season until two weeks ago, the Rams had only won two road games. TWO. Now, with a win over the Saints in New Orleans, the Rams could become only the third team in franchise history to win three straight on the road.
19Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 19
Cleveland is the best 5-win team in the league, but they still won’t make the playoffs. In that case, their biggest games will be the last two weeks of the season, when they can play spoiler in back-to-back home games against division foes Baltimore and Pittsburgh.
20Houston Texans
Last Week: 18
The timely mistakes continue to dog the Texans, who just can’t finish a game. Houston has been outscored 49-37 in the fourth quarter since November 1st. Over that time span, the Texans are 1-5.
21Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 22
No team enjoys homefield more than the Seahawks. Seattle has outscored their opponents by nine at home, but been outscored by 58 points on the road.
22Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 24
They may be out of the playoff race, but the Cowboys will still have a lot to say about who grabs what playoff spot in the NFC. Dallas takes on the Eagles twice in the last month of the season, starting with this Sunday night’s clash.
23Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 27
300, which represents how many consecutive starts Brett Favre could reach before the end of the season, is about the only meaningful number left in this disastrous Vikings season.
24Washington Redskins
Last Week: 23
Another high profile player gets sent to the bench for coach Mike Shanahan’s reeling Redskins, as Albert Haynesworth has been sent home for the season. For all the star power in Washington, you’d think they’d have more than five wins.
25Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 20
Chris Johnson has 58 rushing yards in his last two games combined. That’s the worst two-game stretch of his career, which is really all you need to know to get a good read on the state of the Titans right now.
26Detroit Lions
Last Week: 28
Another tough call gets all the attention after another tough Lions loss, but maybe we should look at the numbers. Detroit can’t run the ball (89 yards a game) and can’t stop the run (giving up 127.4 yards per game) and until they fix those holes, it’s going to be tough to win games, regardless of the officiating.
27Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 26
The Bills spent the season making a name for themselves as the team that gave everyone a tough fight before eventually losing a close game. But after going to OT in three of their previous six games, there was no doubt about the outcome of their Week 13 contest against Minnesota. Look at it this way, Bills fans, the more losses this year, the more wins next year with prospective first pick Andrew Luck quarterbacking your team.
28San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 25
The Niners are going back to Alex Smith as their starting QB, even though he lost six times in seven starts. That means Troy Smith heads back to the bench after going 3-2 calling the plays in San Fran. Sometimes, I just don’t understand the NFL.
29Denver Broncos
Last Week: 29
Case in point: I’m not sure I understand the logic in firing head coach Josh McDaniels right now. Sure, other teams have had success with interim coaches, but the Broncos waited until Week 14 to get rid of their guy. Now the best Denver can hope for is to finish on a four-game winning streak with a record of 7-9.
30Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 30
Speaking of fired coaches, the last time the Bengals won a game, Wade Philips was coaching the Cowboys, Brad Childress was coaching the Vikings and McDaniels was coaching the Broncos.
31Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 32
I’m letting the Panthers out of the cellar for putting up a fight in Week 13. They even had a two-touchdown lead before they melted down in Seattle.
32Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 31
Then there are the Cardinals, who have lost seven in a row and struggle just to convert a first down. Arizona has been outscored by 88 during that time span and until they put together a competitive game, they will reside in the basement of the rankings.
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the best team in the NFL is drum roll please is the patriots because of
tom brady

right back at you man!!

The best team in the NFL is Falcons because Matty Ice and Turner the burner

My top 5
1 patriots
2 eagles
3 falcons
4 bears
5 ravens

my top five
1 saints
2 steelers
3 packers
4 ravens
5 eagles

my top five
1 saints
2 eagles
3 ravens
4 falcons
5 patriots


Pats stink their massacre was not something to be celabrating about I mean they lost to 5-7 Browns with Colt McCoy starting not Jake Delohmme
Get it in your mind pats are the worst team known. and even if they make it to the super bowl they will get their Butts Beat to the ground Why? Because THEY STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do they stink? There esaly the best team in the NFL! Almost everyone lost 2 them by a 10 point lead and yeah the brown thing stunk but we massicured the jets, colts, ravens, chargers, bears, well you get the point-or do you. Theres a 99% chance that they will make it to the sper bowl and when they do who ever is playing them is not going to have a chance. Who do you root for because the pats have a better record of equil (falcons) to them. So there is NO team in the NFL better than the Patriots! GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think' if you look at this post ten you would know how the patriots OWNED the bears therefore they WILL NOT WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!

hey leaderultra, why why why would you say that the BEARS are gonna win the super bowl. not to be mean or anything but THEY Stink! and sportsjaguar, the patriots are #1 in the afc. That doesn't make sense.

don't you evan dare say that about the pats.

you r so right

what about the pats beating the crap out of the steelers or even beating the chargers and the ravens. plus colt mccoy is a way better qb than delhomme. come on he was dropped by the panthers whose best qb has a ratin lower than bradys completion percentage. how do you like that sportsjaguar3 cause the pats are number 1

you are so right. 28-21 bears

you are so wrong

da colts are stinkbombs

Your right...

U are a stinkbomb! COLTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love The Bengals got that good your fired FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Okay wicked diving, i am a DIE hard cowboy fan but...... i don't think that they should be in the top five. if u ask me, i'd put them at idk 14

you wish!!!

your right saints are stink bombs!!!!!!!


i can guess who has the TD passes in the league. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..... TOM BRADY!!! oh yeah!! :D

If hes such a terrible QB why are the pats doing so good

why are you people offended by these things???? they're just facts

tom brady shouldnt have started football. he stinks

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