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NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Bye-bye, bye weeks! Now that Week 10 is in the rearview mirror, so are vacation days for NFL players. And just like the players, the fans won’t get another day off for the rest of the season, because they’ll be spending all of their spare time trying to figure out who’s in the playoffs and who isn’t. 18 teams are above .500 right now, which means plenty of fans still have hopes and dreams of the playoffs. It makes for wonderful drama…and a real headache when it comes to sorting out the power rankings. Keep reading to see who landed where. And of course, let me know what you think in the comments below.

NFL Power Rankings
1New York Jets
Last Week: 6
The Jets are here by default. I certainly do not like how they’ve had to eke out overtime wins against the Lions and Browns in consecutive weeks. What I do like is their resilience and their undefeated road record (5-0).
2New England Patriots
Last Week: 7
Going into Pittsburgh and knocking around the Steelers reminded us of two things. One: the Patriots do not go on two-game losing streaks. (Since 2003, the Pats are 25-2 following a loss.) Two: even when he’s angry, like when he was yelling at his o-line on the sideline in the first half against the Steelers, Tom Brady is hard to take seriously with that ridiculous haircut.
3Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 5
If Michael Vick can keep playing like this, the Eagles will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. That’s a big “if,” because Vick puts himself at injury risk every time he scrambles, but man does this offense look unstoppable with #7 behind center. The Eagles have won every game Vick has started and completed, and the team is averaging 37 points per game in those wins.
4Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 8
The Wiz says the Falcons are playing situational football, meaning they make the plays they need to make to win games. And while I rarely agree with the Wiz, it’s hard to argue with the results they’re getting in Atlanta. Still, we’ll learn a lot more about the Falcons in the next month, because four of their next five games are on the road, where the Falcons are averaging 11 fewer points per game than they are at home.
5Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 2
What’s happening to this once-vaunted defense? The Ravens have allowed three game-tying or winning drives in the last two minutes of regulation…in their last four games.
6Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 1
Speaking of once-vaunted defenses, the Steelers looked a little lost against Tom Brady on Sunday night. In fact, they’ve been in disarray since defensive end Aaron Smith went down with a triceps injury. Pittsburgh is 1-2 and giving up nearly 27 points per game since Smith’s injury.
7Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 4
Health will play a big factor in their second half success, but their three straight wins heading into the bye week look awfully reminiscent of last season’s 7-1 second half. The only road block? The Pack has to travel to Minnesota, Atlanta and New England in their last seven games.
8Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 9
I’m all about praising the otherworldly exploits of Peyton Manning, but the Colts pulled out their Week 10 win over the Bengals as a team. And that’s a great sign. Manning had a season-low 185 passing yards and no touchdown passes, yet the Colts managed to force five turnovers and pull out the win.
9New York Giants
Last Week: 3
My goodness, that was an ugly loss for the G-Men. Now we need to figure out if it’s a one week breakdown or a sign of things to come. In the past two seasons, the Giants are 4-7 after November 1st. Heading into the Cowboys game, the Giants were a huge force to be reckoned with in the NFC. Now they’re just a huge question mark.
10New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 10
Last year, the Saints were a revelation. This year, their division is a revelation. The NFC South has the most combined victories in the NFC, which means the Saints aren’t going to be able to stroll to a division title like they did last year. However, with four straight games against the AFC/NFC West coming up, the Saints can still position themselves nicely for a first-place finish.
11Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 12
Oakland jumped into first-place during their bye week. Now that’s what I call a productive vacation.
12Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 16
Two quarterbacks and a franchise left tackle went down in Week 10. Since the Dolphins have specialized in winning ugly all season, maybe that means they’re right where they want to be heading into their Thursday night match-up with the Bears. (Seriously, I don’t think it’s possible NOT to win ugly when Tyler Thigpen is your quarterback.)
13San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 13
Another team who’s situation only improved over the bye. San Diego is one game closer to getting game-changing receiver Vincent Jackson back and one game closer to first place after the AFC West went topsy-turvy in Week 10.
14Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 11
Two straight losses have dropped the Titans right back into the middle of AFC South. Luckily, the schedule is in the Titans favor. After Week 11’s match-up with the struggling Redskins, five of the Titans last six games are against division opponents, so they’ll be able to control their own fate.
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 15
I like watching the young guys on the Bucs, from Josh Freeman to Mike Williams to LeGarrette Blount. The fact remains, however, that they haven’t beaten a winning team yet this season. With four of their next seven opponents currently sitting above .500, they’ll have to change that to keep their magical season going into the playoffs.
16Chicago Bears
Last Week: 21
Speaking of tough closing schedules, three of the Bears final four road games are division match-ups, while their three remaining home games are against the Eagles, Patriots and Jets, who have a combined record of 20-7.
17Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 23
Their Hail Mary prayers were answered in Week 10 and now the Jags are only one game out of first place. Still, their overall point differential sits at -54, which doesn’t bode well for the Jags’ three remaining divisional match-ups, all of which take place on the road.
18Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 14
A couple weeks ago, I thought the Chiefs had the defense and the running game to capture the AFC West crown. After giving up 72 points in two straight losses, I think the Chiefs might be lucky to finish above .500.
19Houston Texans
Last Week: 17
If you think this current three-game losing streak is bad, you might want to avert your eyes from the upcoming schedule. At Jets, Titans, at Eagles, Ravens, at Titans. After that terrifying stretch, Houston might look back at this three-game losing streak as a highpoint of the season.
20Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 20
Another week, another valiant effort against a heavily favored team. These Browns are way better than their record suggests. Too bad being better than your record doesn’t get you into the playoffs. One thing is for sure, it looks like Colt McCoy has no problems playing in pressure situations.
21Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 26
Fun fact #1: Seattle is in first place in the NFC West despite being outscored by 33 points so far this season. Fun fact #2: no team in the NFC West has a positive point differential. Fun fact #3: the NFC West is not a very talented division.
22San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 28
Our second of three straight NFC West teams sits at 21 and seems to be surging with Troy Smith at quarterback. Smith is 2-0 as a starter and is completing nearly 62 percent of his passes with no INTs. No, those aren’t gaudy numbers, but in the NFC West, they’re practically MVP-type numbers. With four more division games left, the Niners still have a shot at claiming the NFC West.
23St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 18
Bringing up the rear of our NFC West trio is the Rams, who just can’t win on the road. That’s not good news, because after this week’s home contest against the Falcons, they go on the road for three straight.
24Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 19
I think we’ve officially hit the point in the season where Brett Favre can admit he made a mistake coming back. Favre has more than twice as many interceptions this year (16) in nine games than he had all of last year (7).
25Denver Broncos
Last Week: 29
It’s hard to predict what will happen every Sunday with Denver, but one thing is for sure: there will be a lot of points on the scoreboard. Only a couple weeks after giving up 59 points to the Raiders, the Broncos went out and dropped 49 on the Chiefs in a division win.
26Washington Redskins
Last Week: 24
It only took a couple of simple steps for the Redskins to go from a 4-3 record and a chance at the playoffs to 4-5 and complete chaos. Step #1: bench your new franchise QB. Step #2: sign your benched franchise QB to a huge extension. Step #3: get absolutely destroyed by a division rival at home.
27Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 32
If you don’t think a football coach makes a big difference, talk to a Cowboys fan. Even with their back-up quarterback in the game, the Cowboys went on the road and trounced the hottest team in the NFC. Sadly, it’s going to be too little, too late for America’s Team this year.
28Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 30
The Bills are on the board! It wasn’t easy, but Buffalo finally nabbed its first win of the season. Now Buffalo shifts its attention to nabbing that first pick of the 2011 draft.
29Detroit Lions
Last Week: 22
Detroit has its building blocks on both sides of the ball. Problem is one of those blocks keeps crumbling. With Matthew Stafford once again out for the season with a shoulder injury, Ndamukong Suh is on pace to finish his rookie year having played more career games than the Lions second year quarterback.
30Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 25
Just looking at the numbers, things look OK for Carson Palmer this year. The Cincy QB is in the top six in the NFL for both passing yards and passing touchdowns. Unfortunately, he hasn’t taken good care of the ball (4th in the league in INTs) which has led to the Bengals sinking to last place in the AFC North .
31Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 27
The lack of stability at the quarterback position in Arizona has undermined everything else going on out in the desert. Four straight losses have knocked the Cards to the back of the weakest division in football.
32Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 31
We have a new last place team! Sure, it’s not as exciting as having a new first place team, but it’s something new, right? With the Ravens coming up this week and two straight roadies after that, I don’t see Carolina relinquishing this spot for a while.
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How about them COWBOYS

hahahahahahahaahha brady wants to be justin bieber and he loves bieber's hair hahahahhaahaha not cool :p

really jets at 3 they just got demolished and the falcons should be 1st patriots should be secounded

Chargers should be number 1 on this we won 4 games in a row and we have the #1 d and offence

The Eagles should be #1! They are on a three game winning streak and they beat two good teams, the giants and colts. The other team was the Redskins and the Eagles made them look like they were a college team.

WHy aren't the Eagles #1? They are on a three game winning streak and they have

thats right eagles should be at number 1

i think patriots r gonna win out. jets gonna lose 3 more. 14-2 patriots. 11-5 jets

yea im rooting 4 the pats

i seriously think the pats deserve to go to the top. they scored 35 points in the second half against the lions! even though i like the lions in the second half they were the S.O.L. (same old lions)

theres just not enough

Jets shouldn't be on top!!! they almost lost to texans, browns, and lions!!!!!!!!!!! they should have won by like a lot more >:D

patriots should be on top!!! steelers should be 2nd!!!

Vikings should be on top!!

1 Jets
2 Falcons
3 eagles
4 packers
5 patriots
6 steelers
7 ravens
8 giants
9 colts
10 saints
11 chargers
12 raiders
13 bucs
14 bears
15 phins

1. Patriots
2. Jets
3. Falcons
4. Eagles
5. Packers
6. Ravens
7. Steelers
8. Saints
9. Bears
10. Colts
This is pretty close to correct. All these teams will come close or make the playoffs. All of the teams are deserving. Any suggestions on teams I didn't include in the top 10?

dude get your ratings right eagles are number 2

The Chiefs may have a decent record, but I don't think they could beat any of these teams :)


The packs sould be frist then the steelers second

Should it be like this packers#1 Stellers #2?

Packers #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a big Pats fan but I have to admit the Jets are on fire, they're gonna win the super bowl even though Brady has the best hair ever

No one cares about Brady's hair. The Pats need to beat the Jets in week 13 for them to be better than the Jets. I say both teams go 13-3

The Pats should really be number one, they beat the Colts and Steelers, that really shows how great they are

P.S Although Brady is a great player, he really needs to cut his hair

The patriots are better than the colts and steelers, yes. But are they better than the jets? Week 13 will tell

the cardinals get bumped down????? im a packer fan but cardinals are better
bengals lions bills and the cowboys

does anyone know who won the argounaguts and allowets game please reply asap

bbbbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppppppp Justin bieber farted ! so did the jets against the lions.

Dude, I can smell that fart from here!

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