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NFL Power Rankings Week 8

Look at any team in the league this season and you’ll pretty much find something shocking. The Cowboys were a Super Bowl contender before the season started…and now they’re 1-5. The Saints won the Super Bowl last year …now they’re losing games to the Browns. Kansas City and Tampa Bay…are both in first place! In other words, the power rankings are all scrambled up. Keep reading to see where your team landed this week. And don’t forget to tell me what you think of the rankings in the comments below!

NFL Power Rankings
1 New York Jets
Last Week: 1
Rule #37 of Professor Ulane’s Power Rankings: thou shall not move a team out of the top spot on their bye week. Gang Green rested up and comes out of their week off tied for the best record in the NFL. Now it’s time to defend their #1 spot in the rankings at home against the Packers in Week 8.
2 Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 2
They got a gift of a call on the Big Ben fumble-that-wasn’t-ruled-a-fumble-so-it-couldn’t-be-recovered-by-Miami-even-though-everyone-saw-Miami-recover-it. Still, the Steeler D held up early by limiting the Dolphins to two field goals off of early turnovers in the first quarter, showing that this defensive unit can lead the team until the offense catches up.
3 New England Patriots
Last Week: 3
So many huge storylines heading into Week 8 against the Vikings, so little time. How will Randy Moss play in his return to New England? How will the Pats deal with comments about stealing signals from Vikings head coach Brad Childress? How much longer will Tom Brady try to look like Justin Bieber? I guess we’ll all just have to tune in to find out.
4 Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 4
Since his four interception game against the Bengals in Week 2, Joe Flacco has nine TDs and only one pick. Thanks to their QB’s solid play, the Ravens enter their bye week having won four of their last five.
5 Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 5
The Colts are the top five team with the worst luck right now. Indy heads into a crucial division match-up with Houston without three of their biggest offensive weapons. Joseph Addai, Austin Collie and Dallas Clark are all going to be on the sidelines instead of on the field when Peyton Manning tries to avenge the Colts opening week loss to the Texans.
6 Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 9
In Tennessee, the story on offense used to be get the ball to Chris Johnson and get out of the way. But the Titans have had more passing yards than rushing yards in their last four games and are the second highest scoring team in the league. I don’t think CJ wants to complain about that, either, seeing as the Titans are alone in first place in the AFC South.
7 New York Giants
Last Week: 8
The Giants appear to be the best team in the NFC right now with a top four rushing offense (4th) and defense (3rd). But beware: this is also a team that started 5-0 last season before finishing 8-8 and they currently rank 26th in the league in turnover differential at -5.
8 Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 10
We all know there are two New York football teams, but did you know Atlanta has two teams as well? There’s the undefeated Falcons team that plays at home and averages 32 points a game and then there’s the 2-2 Falcons team that plays on the road while averaging 18.3 points per contest.
9 Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 15
Speaking of home field advantage, the Chiefs have outscored their opponents by 50 points in three home games this year. And don’t look now, but Matt Cassel is finally heating up, tossing eight touchdowns against only one interception in his last four games.
10 Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 6
The Eagles continue to switch between starting QBs the way I switch between provolone and cheese wiz on my cheesesteak orders. At least Michael Vick gets the extra bye week to prepare for his return to the starting line-up in Week 9.
11 Houston Texans
Last Week: 11
Their Monday Nighter against the Colts is shaping up as the All-Injury Bowl. The Texans already have the worst pass defense in the league, and now they’re moving Brian Cushing into the middle linebacker spot to make up for the season-ending injury suffered by DeMeco Ryans. I hope Cushing is a fast learner, because his first start at MLB comes against Peyton Manning.
12 New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 7
The Saints are reeling and they get the Steelers on Halloween. Ugh. That’s worse than getting fruit instead of candy when you’re trick-or-treating.
13 Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 14
Cheeseheads rejoice! You finally beat Brett Favre as a Viking! Now time to worry about your current quarterback. Aaron Rodgers has already thrown more interceptions this year than he did all of last season. With Ryan Grant out for the season, Rodgers needs to carry the offense for the Packers to make a run to the playoffs.
14 Washington Redskins
Last Week: 16
Congratulations to DeAngelo Hall, who had one of the greatest days for a cornerback in NFL history in Week 7. Hall’s four interceptions, including one returned 92 yards for a touchdown, singlehandedly knocked off the Bears in Chicago. Hall’s play might be the spark the ‘Skins struggling D needed.
15 Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 12
They got jobbed on a game-deciding call against the Steelers and have yet to win a game at home. It might have something to do with an offense that’s 13th in yards, but 24th in scoring, which is the sure sign of a team that can move the ball until they hit the red zone.
16 Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 19
From Miami, a team that can’t win at home, we move to Seattle, who can’t lose at home. A lot of the Seahawks’ success can be attributed to a weak division, but you also can’t sleep on their stingy run defense (2nd in the league).
17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 21
I like what the Bucs bring to the table, including a developing comeback king in clutch quarterback Josh Freeman. Just take a closer look at their record before you start talking playoffs in Tampa. In the Bucs two games against winning teams this season, they’ve been outscored 69-19 (and those were at home). With six of their last eight games coming against teams currently above .500, the Bucs are in for a tough second half.
18 Chicago Bears
Last Week: 13
I wanted Jay Cutler to write the Bears blurb this week, but when he tried to e-mail it to me, he accidentally sent it to DeAngelo Hall, so I'll have to do it myself. But it’s not all on the quarterback. The Bears have protection issues, no running game, and a group of receivers who never seem to be on the same page as their signal caller. All of those problems are quickly adding up to erase that surprising 4-1 start in Chicago.
19 Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 17
Brad Childress is barking at Brett Favre in post-game press conferences, Favre’s barking back and Favre’s ankle is just barking. The 41-year old still thinks he can play this Sunday, which is a bit of a surprise seeing as he could barely walk into the locker room on his own last week.
20 San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 18
It’s almost as if the Chargers are having a contest to see which player can come up with the most amazing way to blow the game each week. This week it would be hard to determine the winner. There’s guard Louis Vasquez, who false started to send the Chargers backwards five yards before their game-tying field goal attempt. There’s rookie wideout Richard Goodman, who simply dropped the ball on the ground without being touched, resulting in a fumble. Or Jacob Hester’s dropped lateral that went the other way. The list goes on and on for the Chargers, who are off to their worst start in the last four years.
21 St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 20
The last second loss to the Bucs in Week 7 is part of a bigger problem for St. Louis. The fast-starting Rams rank 8th in the league in first-quarter scoring, but that ranking goes down with each quarter until bottoming out at 28th in the fourth. Consistency is usually the hardest quality to achieve for a young team, and the Rams are clearly still trying to find the proper balance.
22 Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 29
The Raiders put the “attack” in rushing attack during their Week 7 romp over the Broncos. 328 yards on the ground, five rushing touchdowns and a franchise record 59 points. The question in Oakland used to be, who should start at quarterback, Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski? Now the question is, why even start a quarterback?
23 Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 30
Poor David Bowens. He returns two interceptions for touchdowns against the reigning Super Bowl MVP to lead his team’s upset over the Saints and he’s overshadowed by DeAngelo Hall.
24 Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 23
Carson Palmer’s 400-yard explosion looks great on the stat sheet, but it just outlines the biggest problem with the Bengals this year. Cincy used a bruising running game to storm into the playoffs last season, whereas this year, their ground game has been…well, grounded, ranking 19th in the league.
25 Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 22
David Garrard looks set to return to the starting line-up against the Cowboys. Too bad Garrard plays on offense. The Jags are ranked 25th or worse in every defensive category, including 31st in points allowed, and Garrard can’t help with that.
26 Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 25
Can Max Hall return from a concussion in time for this week’s game? It doesn’t matter. This passing offense has been stuck in neutral since Kurt Warner took his talents to Dancing with the Stars. Arizona is last in the league in passing yards this season, after finishing in the top 12 in each of the last three seasons.
27 Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 24
I hate to break this news to you before Week 8, Cowboys fans, but the Tony Romo injury marks the official end of the Cowboys 2010-11 season.
28 Denver Broncos
Last Week: 26
Following their absolute beatdown at the hands of the Raiders, the Broncos are 1-3 at home this year. Maybe it’s a good thing Kyle Orton and company are leaving the country for their Week 8 match-up with the Niners in London.
29 Detroit Lions
Last Week: 28
Matthew Stafford to the rescue! The Lions have stayed competitive all year, but there’s no doubt that the future of this team is based on the talented trio of youngsters Ndamukong Suh, Calvin Johnson, and Stafford. The more they can all be on the field together, the better chance the Lions have of winning. That’s right, I just typed “Lions” and “winning” in the same sentence.
30 Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 32
The Matt Moore Panthers fans fell in love with last year finally showed up this season to help the team grab their first win of the season. Too little, too late – Carolina’s future at the quarterback position lies in Jimmy Clausen.
31 San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 27
The Niners are looking to the 2006 Heisman Trophy winner, quarterback Troy Smith, for a spark. Do you think he gets his own jersey or does he just borrow Alex Smith’s?
32 Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 31
It’s dark down here at the bottom of the rankings, so let me provide you with the light at the end of the tunnel for sad Bills fans. Ryan Fitzpatrick is red hot right now. Fitzpatrick has the second best QB rating in the league, trailing only Peyton Manning, and has ripped off nine TDs against only 2 INTs in his last three starts. So it’s not all bad, folks.
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I have to d)Joe Flacco

GO JETS!!!!!!!!

We just owned your team 9-0. How about those apples?


WOW THE PANTHERS ARE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the best RB in the league?

A)Ryan Mathews

B)Thomas Jones

C)Chris Johnson

D)Jamaal Charles


Reply with your thoughts!

E)Willis Magahee

e)Adrian Peterson

C. Chris Johnson all the way!

Bills get first pick!

The pats are number one I feel it in my bones

Now that the Pats won, they are number 1 in the real look at real, not power rankings, real standings. O ya!

Best QBs
1) Ryan Fitzpatrick
2) Peyton Manning
Worst Qbs
1) Tom Brady

TOTALLY NOT COOL.Matt Moore all the way.[WORST QB]

Yeah Well Footballmajor27 your man "Peyton Manning" (who threw the Super Bowl losing INT)has the top average my man Ryan Fitzpatrick is right behind you.

The cowboys should just give up. I mean the RAMS are better than "America's Team." They're being overshadowed by the Rangers. Just give and and go for the #1 pick in 2011

ewwwie the bears

1. Jets
2. Ravens
3. Steelers
4. Patriots
5. Falcons
6. Colts
7. Redskins
8. Giants
9. Packers
10. Texans
11. Chiefs
12. Titans
13. Eagles
14. Buccaneers
15. Dolphins
16. Seahawks
17. Bears
18. Chargers
19. Saints
20. Rams
21. Vikings
22. Bengals
23. Raiders
24. Browns
25. Broncos
26. Jaguars
27. Cardinals
28. 49ers
29. Lions
30. Bills
31. Cowboys
32. Panthers

Jet's just had a good off-season

Jets just keep holding on. but the lions are going to beat them.

I think the Redskins should be lower and maybe the Bucs higher too. Just my opinion!

I can't completely disagree with you guys, I just kept the Bills out of last because they've played tougher than the Panthers have against better teams (New England, Baltimore). The Bills just need better receivers and a more consistant running game. You can't just go out there with C. J. Spiller and accept the fact that other than the occasional 60-yard run, you're only going to get about two yards a carry much of the time.

you have better ratings. bills should be in last though

i like it but two things wrong pats should be at the ravens spot and the bills should be last

whose got the most passing yards my man peyton manning!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, Peyton Manning is the best QB in the NFL no doubt about it (its hard to admit that being a die hard pats fan but how can you not love peyton manning!)

who is best qb??
a)peyton manning
b) drew brees
c)tom brady

Whats so good about Fitzpatrick? he is an almost veteran (5th year) but you got to respect those vetarens that are so much better than him.

D Drew Brees

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