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Pennant Race Report: September 16

Today’s pennant race report is brought to you by the letter B and T, which stand for Barf-Tastic.

And the reason I feel so Barf-Tastic today is because last night I watched Derek Jeter fake being hit by a pitch, double over in fake pain, allow team trainers to examine his hand, and then score a run in a hugely important baseball game. When you pretend to be injured and go to first base, that is lying and lying is cheating. And I don’t care if Jeter is a stand-up guy in every other respect. He shouldn’t want to win games in any way other than the most honest way. Last night he watched his team lose despite the run he scored. That was brought to you by the letter J, for Justice. 

Speaking of Mr. Barf-Tastic, his team is 2-8 in their last 10 games and face only AL East opponents in their remaining games. The Yankees have just one reliable starting pitcher right now, CC Sabathia, and a host of injured or underperforming players. The other team atop the AL East isn’t faring much better. Sure, they took the series from the Yanks, but they also have the second-highest ERA in the majors this month (5.32). And look, I know everyone says they’re done, but Boston has won four in a row and still has six games left against the Yankees. This one ain’t over yet, folks.

The Twins and Rangers have solid holds on the Central and West divisions and both teams are playing solid baseball right now. If the season ended today, the Rays would play the Rangers and the Yankees would play the Twins. That would be the best-case scenario for the Yankees I think, seeing as how they just got swept in Texas. Either way, a tight division race could wear out the beasts of the East.

Only a half game separates San Diego and San Francisco in the West and now we’ve got to deal with the Rockies, who are making yet another September surge. Why don’t those guys do this in April and May? The Giants are also just a half game behind the Braves in the Wild Card race, which might be their best hope now that they’ve fallen three games behind the Phillies in the East. The Phillies are bouncing back from a rough mid-season stretch and their top three pitchers, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels, are a terrifying trio to imagine in a five or seven game series.

Meanwhile, the Central that is the only division without much doubt. The Reds need to play just .500 baseball over their last 16 games in order to reach the playoffs. Like I said in my season preview, this young team is scary. They play solid, smart baseball. And since they’re exceeding expectations, they have nothing to lose.

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jeter's wrist cant make that noise. ''DOINK!''


derek jeter is A BIG FAT PHONEY i think he is derek cheater

derek jeter didnt fake the hit by pitch i was there


I know

Just think how many more wins the Red Sox would have if they didn`t get all the injuries they got... al pennant. If they played in a different division they`d make the playoffs anyways. Give them some credit.

your right

way 2 go jeter but he didn't have 2 do it. don't get me wrong but even with the playoffs on the line he shouldn't have done it. that sets a bad example to others and ove the league

I`m a Red Sox fan, but like Derek Jeter. It wasn`t cheating, just smart baseball.

cool deric

hes so did not get hit and than the umpire rub's it

Nice going Jeter!!! There is absolutely NO reason for that. I agree with the cat, "Not cool, Derek."

i agree to

such a faker

what ever

I don't like Jeter but any player would fake it. Whatever it is and it will get you on base DO IT!!!

Your comment is truth but if your going to tell the truth after the game be truthful in the game.Know if your going to lie about it after the game go ahead a fake an injury in the game.

I like the Yankees and Jeter but Jeter was just doing his job. he is paid to get on base. :)

i totaly agree with you

i agree

I agree

I completly agree

jeter owns
i dont care what you all think
any baseball player would do the same is his situation, if they had good enough instincts like jeter
its like a guy trapping a ball and selling it as a catch
happens all the time in baseball, its a part of the game
so why has this been blown out of proportion?

cause he apparently he think himself not goood enogh to get a hit. and hes girl is an actress so nice lessons.

i'm your biggest fan DJ and the yanks but i gotta be honest ,yo that is not cool.but im just gonna tell something to jeter:never cheat again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i can't empathize that more

I'm a Red Sox fan so I don't already don't like Jeter. I gotta' agree with you though: DO NOT CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont think he cheated.

Derek Jeter + Pennant Race= A soccer like injury

Well, all of you who look at this and call him "jeter the cheater" in Aceace12690's perspective, you are all missing the real point. this is now called mission october. (to get to the playoffs) do you really think a guy with as much talent and skill and passion would really cheat? a guy who is a first ballot hall of famer? NO! now if he did cheat, shame on him. but........... it is another way to get on base which could become a run which could become a big scoring inning which could become an easy win for the yanks which could help them in the standings which could help them go to the post season which could help them play well enough to the ALDS and ALCS to get to the world series which could help them win their 28th world series ring which could continue to make them a dynasty. sigh........ i'm done.

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