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Fantasy Football 2010 Rankings: Tight Ends

At the top of our tight end rankings you'll find some familiar names, as well as a couple of rising star? Read on to find out who's Number 1...

1. Dallas Clark, Colts 
Clark was so good in 2009 that he became the second tight end to ever catch 100 passes in a year despite sitting most of the season's final two games. There's little reason to think defenses will be able to slow down Clark and Peyton Manning this year.

2. Antonio Gates, Chargers
With Vincent Jackson holding out for a new contract, Gates is Philip Rivers's clear-cut No. 1 pass-catcher. He's basically a wide receiver; Gates often lines up as a slot receiver and averaged a whopping 14.6 yards per catch last year.

3. Vernon Davis, 49ers
Davis emerged as a pass-catching monster last year, leading all tight ends in touchdowns (13) while racking up 965 receiving yards. The only question is: Will second-year wide receiver Michael Crabtree start stealing some of the TDs that used to go to Davis?

4. Brent Celek, Eagles
Celek has joined the elite ranks of tight ends and could be new Eagles starter Kevin Kolb's favorite target this season. He has the potential for 1,000 yards and, because he's Philly's best red zone threat, 10 touchdowns.

5. Jermichael Finley, Packers
Finley might be as talented as any tight end in the NFL, and now he's playing with the kind of consistency he needs to be a star. He had 676 receiving yards as a part-time player last year. He could lead tight ends in touchdowns with Aaron Rodgers throwing to him in Green Bay's high-powered offense.

6. Jason Witten, Cowboys
Witten is old reliable. He's still one of Tony Romo's favorite targets and should pile up receiving yards. The problem is that the presence of Miles Austin, plus super-rookie Dez Bryant, limits Witten's potential. Expect his numbers to be good but not great in 2010.

7. Chris Cooley, Redskins
Cooley just needs to stay healthy. He'll be catching passes from Donovan McNabb this year, and D-Nabb's going to be the best quarterback Cooley's ever played with. Look for a career year from Washington's playmaking tight end.

8. Zach Miller, Raiders
Miller is the best pass-catcher in Oakland, so look for Jason Campbell to go to him early and often. He may not score a lot of touchdowns, but Miller should be near the top of the tight ends list in catches and receiving yards.

9. Tony Gonzalez, Falcons
In Gonzalez starting to slow down? His 867 receiving yards in 2009 was his lowest total since '02. Considering Gonzalez is 34 years old, it won't be easy for him to bounce back to his old monster stat line.

10. Kellen Winslow, Buccaneers
He'll be young quarterback Josh Freeman's favorite target again, so Winslow should put up strong numbers in receptions and yards. But there won't be many touchdowns to be had in Tampa's rebuilding offense.

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wheres Eli Manning?

where is boss or olsen

Wear is H Miller

This list is exactly how it should be. Dallas Clark is awsome that is why he is number 1.The stats prove it.

antonio gates #1

Good but not #1. shon greene for the jets is #1 unless it's tom brady.

When do we get the NFL week-1 podcast? There were upsets everywhere- WASHINGTON over dallas, Houston over Indy, Seattle over San Fran, and then Kansas City over San Diego!!!!!! woooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo

Vernon Davis was awesome last year!

finley is 6-5 and has pretty darn good hands. why is he below celek?

Who is a buccaneers fan?

Woo Hoo!!!!!!! Go Tampa Bay!!!!!

nobody they stink

Kellen wislow is the best player on the buccaneers that I have ever seen.I mean he is really good at passes and receptions.And I know that all the buccaneers fans would say that to.If you are a buccaneers fan,and you are reading this,please,please,comment.I would love to hear nice comments.Please no bad comments.Only if you are a buccaneers fan

Greg Olson should be #10 at least.

This is my Fair Rankings:
1) Dallas Clark
2) Antonio Gates
3) Vernon Davis
4) Jason Witten
5) Brent Celek
6) Chris Cooley
7) Jermichael Finley
8) Zach Miller
9) Kellen Winslow
10) Tony Gonzalez

That is the way to put it AceBaseball788!

I would agree with you but I would change Kellen Wislow and Dallas Clark around then it would be better.

1. Clark
2. Witten (as much as I hate to say it, being a REDSKINS fan)
3. Davis
4. Cooley
5. Gates
6. Finley
7. Gonzalez
8. Shiancoe
9. Celek
10. Owen Daniels of Houston, a guy who hasn't been mentioned here yet, but is just as good as any tight end in the league in my opinion, and should have a great season with Matt Schaubb throwing to him and Andre Johnson attracting the defense's attention.

plz join steelers stink leauge on nflrz

I am right there with you.

were is Daniels shiancoe come on wiz you rock but you kind failed on this one and chris cooley come todd heap better


ya heap is AMAZING btw who is the patriots TE this year???

has not produced hum i think not come on dude.

Heap is old and has not been productive lately. Cooley was on track for a career year last year, he had like 600 yards and 2 TD's before getting hurt in week 9. Plus now he has a QB and an o-line to keep Donovan upright to throw to him.

i think htat chris oooley should be higher up in the rankings lol... just saying

Ummmm... have you ever heard of these 2 names? Owen Daniels and Visanthe Shiancoe? Shiancoe still has Favre and his top reciever is injured so he will get more catches. Before Owen Daniels got hurt, he was on pace for 1000+ yards, 80 catches, and 10 TD'S! He has recovered from his injury and is expected to return to full form this season! He should be in the top 5!


theese are some good te's i like jason witten

Celek shouldn't be anywhere NEAR that high. He is very over rated and is not going to have improvement over last season because of a new quarterback who can't protect the ball (one pick every TWELVE PASSES on his career). Also, he doesn't have as great hands as Cooley, Finley, or Witten, let alone Tony-G. He droped SIX passes in the Eagles home game against the Redskins last year; two of them in the end zone.

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