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Fantasy Football 2010 Rankings: Wide Receivers

One fantasy superstar is holding steady, while another is falling fast. Who made our ranking of the Top 10 fantasy wide receivers? Read on to find out...

1. Andre Johnson, Texans
The debate used to be: Johnson or Fitz? Fitz or Johnson? But with the QB uncertainty in Arizona, Johnson is now the clear-cut top receiver in fantasy football. He may never be the red zone force that Larry Fitzgerald is, but Johnson has led the NFL in receiving yards each of the past two seasons. 

2. Reggie Wayne, Colts
It’s nice to be Peyton Manning’s favorite receiver. Wayne is coming off six consecutive thousand-yard seasons and caught 100 passes in two of the past three years. With that kind of consistency, you can’t go wrong.

3. Miles Austin, Cowboys
How good was “Smiles” last year? After becoming a starter in Week 5, he had more receiving yards (1,239) than anyone in football. He’s a big-play threat who’s also a favorite red zone target of Tony Romo’s. And the Cowboys face a schedule of weak run defenses this season. The only worry: Will star rookie Dez Bryant get some of those passes that used to go to Austin.

4. Randy Moss, Patriots
The knee of Wes Welker, Tom Brady’s favorite target, is still a question mark. That could mean more passes for Moss, whose coming off a strong but not spectacular season. He’s one of the best in the NFL in the red zone, meaning he has the potential to pile up touchdowns.

5. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
Yes, I’m this worried about Fitzgerald. Once a challenger for the top spot on this list, Fitzgerald lost his quarterback when Kurt Warner retired in the offseason. Warner has been replaced by inconsistent veteran Derek Anderson, who was benched by the Browns last year. Plus, fellow Pro Bowl receiver Anquan Boldin is in Baltimore now, so Fitzgerald will see even more double teams. It could be a disappointing year for a superstar talent.

6. Calvin Johnson, Lions
Quarterback Matthew Stafford should be more comfortable in his second NFL season, and the Lions signed receiver Nate Burleson to keep teams from constantly double-teaming Johnson. No one in the NFL can match Johnson’s combination of size and speed. If Stafford improves, Johnson could be one of the three most valuable receivers in fantasy football, capable of 1,500 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns.

7. Brandon Marshall, Dolphins
Marshall is the best possession receiver in the NFL. He knows how to use his body and has the strong hands to make the catch in traffic. He’s exactly what the Dolphins need. From a fantasy standpoint, the problem is that he doesn’t always pile up a ton of yards, and the Dolphins usually run it when they get close to the end zone.

8. Greg Jennings, Packers
With Donald Driver coming off a couple of knee surgeries, Jennings might emerge as Aaron Rodgers’s favorite receiver. He’s coming off back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons. But Jennings needs to score more. Rodgers often looks to tight end Jermichael Finley in the end zone, and Jennings scored a measly four TDs last year.

9. DeSean Jackson, Eagles
The speedster will have to adjust to a new quarterback this year, as Kevin Kolb takes over for Donovan McNabb. Kolb is one of the NFL’s most accurate passers, and Jackson could end up having a lot of underneath catches that he turns into monster gains.

10. Steve Smith, Panthers
Poor quarterback play held Smith back last season. But he showed some nice chemistry with new starting quarterback Matt Moore late last season. There’s not a better big-play receiver in the NFL than Smith, who should be back among the league leaders in receiving yards.

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lions rule

Larry is beater then 5th place

I predict that Miles Austin will be a on year wonder.

here are my rankings 1.andre johnson 2.miles austin 3.reggie wayne 4.desean jackson 5.calvin johnson 6.roddy white 7.randy moss 8.steve smith [giants] 9.larry fitzgerald 10.greg jennings

Calvin Johnson should be at least in the top5. He is first in the NFC with 11 receiving touchdowns!!!!!!!!!

Calvin Johnson is on my fantasy team. He is #1!

I aggre

i agree as well

andre johnson is NOT very good for fantasy

top 10:
1.miles austin
2.andre johnson
3.brandon marshall
4.terell owens
5.percy harvin
6.reggie wayne
7.steve smith,panthers
8.randy moss
9.larry fitzgerald
10.deshaun jackson

It's ok; But it could be better

My top five Rankings:
1)Andre Johnson
2)Roddy White
3)Reggie Wayne
4)Larry Fitzgerald
5)Miles Austin


hi guys what is up


Steve Smith on the panthers

my rankings:
1) Andre Johnson
2) Larry Fitzgerald
3) Miles Austin
4) Randy Moss
5) Wes Welker
6) Reggie Wayne
7) Steve Smith (the one on the panthers sorry giants fans)
8) DeSean Jackson
9) Chad Ochocinco
10) Calvin Johnson

you know the giants are a very good there the best

dont need to be sorry for giants fans

1.Reggie Wayne
2.Randy Moss
4.Miles Austin
5.Steve Smith
6.Andre Johnson
7.Brandon Marshall
8.Calvin Johnson
9.Larry Fitzgerald
10.Greg Jennings

which steve smith


Reggie Wayne and Randy Moss are the best in the nfl!Comment me back if you do not like these two nfl players.

i agree that randy moss is not very good right now

Reggie Wayne is cool,mmm,Randy...not so much.


1.andre johnson
2.reggie wayne
3.larry fitzgerald
4.randy moss
5.miles austin
6.brandon marshall
7.desean jackson
8.wes welker
9.roddy white
10.steve smith giants

why larry fitzgerald 3 because he coming off a injury. miles austin higher because he going up against redskins secondary and he going to be a threat all day. why steve panthers not on the list because last season he hasnot been so good and he getting injured alot also steve smith giants has inproved last season he showed he can be a big threat.

1) Andre Johnson- Texans
2) Larry Fitzgerald- Cardinals
3) Wes Welker- Patriots
4) Randy Moss- Patriots
5) Reggie Wayne- Colts
6) DeSean Jackson- Eagles
7) Miles Austin- Cowboys
8) Greg Jennings- Packers
9) Chad Ochocinco- Bengals
10) Steve Smith- Giants

Do you even know about football?!?

thank you for including welker but where is Steve Smith form the panthers he should be #10

i was gonna get DeSean Jackson but i changed my mind and got Chad Ochocinco

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