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Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

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  • Duane Munn
  • August 10, 2010, 4:07 PM

Courtesy of Nerf

My main problem with Nerf blasters of yesteryear has always been the same: they never seem to hold enough ammo to get me through a game of Capture the Flag, and they never fire darts fast enough.

Man oh MAN does the N-Strike Stampede make such problems a thing of the past...

Nerf's first fully-automatic dart gun, all you have to do is pull the Stampede's trigger once and hold it down; it does the rest, firing foam finger-pellets at a "blink-twice-and-you'll miss it" clip.

But what's really, REALLY cool about the Stampede is that it comes with an extended clip that can hold up to 18 darts at a time. Cooler still, the Stampede can also be fitted with many of Nerf's other ammo clips, INCLUDING the monstrous 50-dart barrel clip that's sold seperately in places like Toys R Us. This means no more reloading your blaster at key moments. And getting pelted from all directions for your trouble.

Cool, no?

The N-Strike Stampede retails for $49.99, and can be found on


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tell you

i ma more of a n-force kinda guy you no. the melee weapons.


Don't oranges taste so good?

yes they taste very good

I can't wait for this.

this gun isnt as great as it is hyped up to be, it takes 6 D-BATTERIES! why the heck would a toy need that much power?! i hope the batteries last a long time

What is that big yellow thing on the front???

i have a sniper with all the attachments of the other Nerf guns.

Nice. I was really tired of having to cock the nerf gun all the time. The automatic feature is great. I think me and you, dmunn, should have a nerf shootout.

it is a great idea.

Yeah that gets annoying

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