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Pennant Race Report: August 5th

For baseball teams like my Orioles, who continue to show tiny flashes of inconsistent brilliance, we have entered the dog days of the season. But for the contenders, things are just getting good. In order to keep track of all the jockeying for playoff positioning, I'm going to check in every week for the rest of the season with an update on the hottest division races in baseball. Every Thursday I'll explain who’s streaking, who’s stinking and who’s sitting in the driver’s seat. So who's got the leg up on their division foes right now? Keep reading to find out…

AL East
Despite adding Lance Berkman, Kerry Wood and Austin Kearns, the Yankees are slumping a bit. Right now I give the Tampa Bay Rays the edge here. Not just because they’re playing better, but also because they will play a lot of sub .500 teams as they approach the playoffs. The Red Sox are only six and a half games out, but with Kevin Youkilis back on the DL they may not be able to keep it close enough. The Yankes and Rays are the class of baseball right now.

AL Central
This division is going to come down to the Twins and the White Sox and I still see Minnesota with the edge. Not only do they play better against their own division, which will come in handy during a September series against Chicago, they have 17 of their final games against AL West opponents. They’re 12-5 against that divison. Chicago on the other hand will have to go through the brutal AL East and still finish strong. Minnesota may not have what it takes against the Rays and Yanks but I think after this series they’re going to be back on the upswing.

NL East
The nutty thing about this division is that whoever wins may have another team to thank. The Braves have a slim lead, but they’ll likely be watching TV a lot to see how the Phillies and Mets do against each other in an astonshimg 12 games in the last two months. The Braves have the most home games left and I still feel that this team is special. So for now I give them the edge over the much injured but still dangerous Phillies.

NL West
It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. The Padres have a tough August to get through and have three talented teams close behind them. Seriously, even the fourth place Dodgers have a shot in this division. Thanks to a four-game win streak the Giants are mighty close and a slew of road games might give San Diego a challenge. My call, right now the Giants are playing the best baseball in the NL West, and they will storm into first pretty soon.

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that first coment stinks go philles

Go Metttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! We rock! Phillies stink




ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!?????????

right now its all about playing though. the yankees and my team, the mets have the stuff but wont show it like the braves and tampa bay

right now its all about playing though. the yankees and my team, the mets have the stuff but wont show it like the braves and tampa bay

Where's the Nl central?????

Where's the Nl central?????

the yankees will win the AL east and the rays will get the wild card i just see the yankees coming out on top in the end.

how do you not mention the NL CENTRAL!!!!!!!THATS THE CLosest pennant race in baseball.One day the REDS are up by half a game,the next day the CARDINALS are up a half game!!!

Hey, does anybody think the Mets have a shot?

one more power player comes up from the farm, and the mets get the tough additude the non babyish braves players have, my money would be on them!

Texas Rangers are awesome they proved they can win without Ian Kinsler back to back wins against seattle.11-6 and 6-0 david murphy is playing great

dude im a seattle fan and its not that hard to beat us just cuz you beat the M's doesnt mean your doin great you cud beat us without kinsler or young or vlad

I think everything he said was right except....... the AL East is preety much not even a race because we all know that the Red Sox have noooooo chance and we all know that the top 2 teams in the AL are the top 2 teams in the AL East so that means that it doesn't matter who wins the division cause both of them are in the playoffs and second never doubt the Phils even though Howard, Utley, and Victorino are right now doesn't mean that they can't win the division Howard will be back by the end of August, Utley will probably be back during August, and Victorino will probably be back by the end of August too so we still have over thirty games to come back!!!!

They'll probably have to sweep the mets to stay in it(btw, ITS NOT HAPPENING!NOT AGAIN PHILLY!

The Red Sox are going to sweep the Yankees and be 2 1/2 games back

i don't know, i think they'll just split

Go Braves. Jason Heyward is going to be even better this year. I love that Eric Hinske got a HR that eventually won the game on his 33rd birthday. They beat Tim Lincecum and the Giants last night 3-2 on that homer. They were down 2-0 until 2nd baseman Alex Gonzales hit a two run shot. Usually when Lincecum gets a two run lead he doesn't lose.


ok whatever that was 1 game that doesn't mean their going to beat the Pillies in the division race!!!

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