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Adidas MLS All-Star Game Boots

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  • Duane Munn
  • July 27, 2010, 3:16 PM

Check out the All-Star editions of (from top) Gonzales, Morales and Angel's soccer boots!Courtesy of Adidas

Basketball superstars sporting souped-up versions of their signature sneakers has pretty much become an NBA's All-Star Weekend tradition (one that's way more exciting than the eventformerlyknownastheSlamDunkContest, imo).

But if three of Major League Soccer's big-time players have their way, customized kicks will soon become a major part of MLS' All-Star festivities as well.

Javier Morales of Real Salt Lake, Juan Pablo Angel of the New York Red Bulls and Omar Gonzalez of the LA Galaxy will each be wearing modified models of their Adidas soccer boots during the 2010 MLS All-Star game, which takes place tomorrow night in Houston. The boots will boast all-new colorways, as well as the initials and numbers for each player...

But what's really cool is that the boots were created using miadidas, Adidas' online sneaker-maker. That means you don't even have to wait/wonder if these will hit retail stores. If you like them, you can just visit and create a pair for yourself!



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Coolest soccer shoes ever!

Thank you so much!!! I love this website!
(P.S. Awesome boots!)

I love my f-50s thay are awsome:)

One of my friends on my competitive team had those cleats but got the Nike MercurialsGliders (cactus green). I love these cleats. Right I dont have them because their to expensive. I have the adidas predator absoladoan powerswerve cleats.

it is soccer lame! who cares it is soccer!

best cleats are at the bottom they remind me of cotton candy i want a pair


I still can't believe that just a day before the 5-1 win over the all-stars, Man. U was beaten by the KCW 2-1.

that allstar game last year rocked!!!!!!! i love man u and my fav player made his debut and scored . it rocked. can't wait for the 29th i get to go see them vs barcelona!

The game coming up on July 27th should be awesome Man U vs the MLS allstars. Can,t wait! The game is on ET, ESPN2.

The MLS is a joke. There are only like five good soccer players who play. I can only name two players and that is Landon Donavon and Terry Henery.

don't we know it

don't we know it

look acestriker I know very well about most of those guys but there not really all stars if all of them minus mcbride cant win a game or at least tie and puuuuuuhhhhhhhllllllleaeaasssseeeeeeee David Beckham woudlnt of done anything hes washed up thank you and goodbye

It's because you haven't been brought up in soccer. There's Brian Mcbride, David beckham is just injured, there's Beckerman, Collins John, and a ton more just of the top of my head.

It's because you haven't been brought up in soccer. There's Brian Mcbride, David beckham is just injured, there's Beckerman, Collins John, and a ton more just of the top of my head.

I agree it is a total joke ... with all our best players in america and we cant even beat man u i mean man u's good but its the all stars you should at least lose like 1-0 or somthing its a joke

who cares about the shoes they got killed 5-1 i think that was the score lol Man U scored so much i couldnt keep track

Yeah, I liked it better when they used to have it like all the other leagues. Just simply East vs. West. Now they get their buts whopped by foreign teams. Plus the All-stars barely had time to practice with each other.


eh. Dosn't really matter what they look like, just as long as they fit. It's not the boots that make a player, It's the player that makes the boots.(boots=cleats in Brit English)

Yes they are perfect for futball ( i mean soocer and football) I am from England and i still call it futball but yes totally agree with u greatttttttt cleatssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome site! Keep up the great work

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