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YOU Take Over SI Kids RADIO! 59

We've been doing SI Kids RADIO for quite some time now and you, the loyal readers and listeners, have always given us plenty of great feedback in the comments section. Now, as a reward for your dedication, we've decided to give you all the power for a new episode of SI Kids RADIO.

That's right, we want YOU to tell US what to talk about on our next podcast! Just hit the comments section below and tell us what you want me and our panel of experts like The Wiz, the Brain and Duane from NJ to discuss.

You can bring up anything - as long as it's related to the sports world. We love discussing the best players and teams, but we're also open to talking about the lighter side of sports, like mascots and bad haircuts. So tell us what's on your mind and we'll discuss the best suggestions on our next podcast.

What are you waiting for, get typing!

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the Texas Rangers

lebron james

And about the new Big Three in Miami.

Your predictions for the upcoming football season.

Don't make Jeter say that! Talk about MLB, trades, standings. Specially the AL East. The Rays are only 1 game behind.

New York hockey teams

How about some college Football and there best Mascots?

What?!! Jeter Wants them to talk about the red sox pinch me im having a nightmare

i agree if he likes the hated bosox so much then just trade him theres still 1 more day 2 make trades

Who are your top 10 players in the MLB?

1. make your super bowl predictions about the nfl rooks ( not the ones in chess) about paul the oracle octopus and about how spain did

ok ok

Boston Celtics big 3 vs Miami big 3 breakdown the possible playoff match ups and la vs miami and the AL east breakdown .

Talk about what Shaq is doing on his show Shaq Vs.

Do we need the popcorn, the kettle corn, the candy corn, or the baby corn when we watch T.O. this season.

BCS predictions are coming how about predictions and how the teams to their new conferences will end up.

Top plays of the week like sportscenter or top blogs of the week.

Will the Phightin Phils Jayson Werth or Raul Ibanez be involved with a trade involving Roy Oswalt. Will Werth be the big guy out there and get a big contract with a team or may Ibanez get released and go back to Seattle ending his career with his former team like Junior.

I want everybody to do a show about baseball and football and basketball including predictions.

nfl= give us some bold\not so bold predictions
Mlb= give a full recap of all july trades and how they could impact teams
nba= break down some already- signed big-named free agents.

OK, TO's in Cincy, talk about him and Ochocinco being together!! The two biggest Drama-Queens in NFL history since Joe Namath, on one team together!!

Talk about the greatest moments in the history of sports please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just make some predictions about the nfl about anything like training camp the regular season or even fantasy

How good are the the jets going to be if they get T.O.! san hamoes all them!

Not lebron

i think that the celtics will do good this year.

i wonder why mcneal is leaving the egles and going to the indins.

McNABB is leaving the EAGLES for the REDSKINS because he got traded. simple as that. Why the Eagles traded him is beyond me.

i think profesor ulane, the wiz, and DNJ should make prodistions in the nfl like records and playoff runs

Hey, on Base on Balls, can you talk about
1 Prospects (Chapman, Drabek etc. etc.)
2 Pennant Races (all of them)
3 A-Rod (You know what)
and 4 Home Run Derby (Talk about what should replace that)

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