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Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S Series

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  • Duane Munn
  • July 23, 2010, 2:59 PM

Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung's new Android phone is so loaded with quality features it's almost silly.

Kindle e-reader? Slacker radio? MobiTV (which allows you to watch live television on your phone)? Already on the phone before you perform your first download.

But... as cool as those features are... there's one pre-load in particular that pushes this smartphone into "put it on your Christmas/Birthday wish list now" territory...

Remember that small, indy-flick about a planet full of Smurf-colored aliens? It was directed by some guy named... hmm, what was it...

...oh. His name was James Cameron.

*Turning off sarcasm switch*

Well, James Cameron's Avatar, aka "The Movie That Made 3D Cool Again", comes bundled with the Vibrant as a pre-load. There's nothing to purchase. Besides the phone, of course. But after that you just turn the thing on, and the flick is there.

PS - And it's AWESOME! Even without the 3D glasses and theatre screens.

The Samsung Vibrant retails for $199 (with a two-year plan), and can be found on

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mine is the best I have the new Evo 4G from sprint

iphonesd are totally better

The myTouch T-Mobile phone is way better. Reading's for nerds.

I wonder if you have to pay for those pre-loaded movies that come with the htc hd phone?

I think this article is magnificent. I like the kindle e-reader most because I like reading. I think this is a smart technology. This phone is cool.

live tv on your phone would be awesome!! :D

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