Paul Ulane

What to Watch Tonight: Nothing?

  • The Arena
  • Paul Ulane
  • July 14, 2010, 3:44 PM

Usually at the end of a long day at the SI Kids office, I head home to pop open an ice-cold can of RC Cola, kick my legs up on the couch and watch sports all night on TV. But tonight is the rarest of nights. That’s right folks, check your TV schedule… there is absolutely no major American sports on the air tonight.




It's a shock to the system. Major League Baseball has one more day off before ball players head back to the diamond. The NBA and NHL are in the midst of their very brief off-seasons (except for the NBA’s summer leaguers, but with slugfests like last night’s 67-64 Memphis-Milwaukee contest, do you really want to watch that?) And football is still a month away from pre-season games. So we sports fans are stuck with nothing.

And you know what? I say it’s a good thing. Enjoy the summer. Head outside and soak in the cool evening air. Catch some fireflies. BBQ some hamburgers. Play some sports yourself. Think about it: This is your one opportunity as a dedicated sports fan to head outside and enjoy summer without having to worry about missing any phenomenal highlights, record-setting performances or game-winning heroics.

So live it up. You have the rest of the summer to crash on the couch every night and follow baseball’s pennant races. Besides, if you’re really having trouble dealing without any televised sports, no worries. The British Open tees off at 4 AM ET tomorrow morning. You’re only a couple hours away…

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i'm chubby like peter griffin (family guy).

I wish that braves dude who hit the 3-run double hadn't of made the team. HE STINKS.


The All-Star Game was lame. Love AL.

i like al too

cubs stink reds rock hunt for red october baby

I bet you just like AL cause they're good. I'm a die heart Cubs fan.

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