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LeBron Fatheads Get Benedict Arnold Treatment

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  • Duane Munn
  • July 9, 2010, 5:02 PM

Think Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has calmed down a little in the hours since LeBron James announced he was leaving Cleveland to play ball with D-Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami?


Less than a day after labeling James' defection to South Beach a "shameful display of selfishness and betrayal," Gilbert, who also owns life-size sticker-maker Fatheads, had the price for a LeBron James Fathead reduced from $99.99 to $17.41 (you can visit for visual proof).

Ready for a quick summer school lesson, boys and girls? No? Well listen up anyway...

1741 just so happens to be the birth-year of the one-and-only Benedict Arnold, immortalized in history books for selling out the American Army during the Revolutionary War.



UPDATE: Now Cleveland clothing-maker Fresh Brewed Tees has gotten into the act, creating a t-shirt that borrows heavily from Nike's long-running "Witness" commercials, and from Gilbert's accusation that LeBron "quit" on the city of Cleveland. Check it out (the tees are available on


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I'm from Cleveland, and I think that LeBron rubbed it in our face that he was "taking his talents to South Beach"!

He is just upset because he lost his best player and now his team is going to stink.

hey im from Cleveland and this a fact every team that has won a championship has won it without lebron

Come on guys!!! Give LeBron a break!!! If I was LeBron, I would choose the Heat. LeBron wants a championship, not money. Miami will give him his NBA championship he's wanted.

And now he has it, thanks to the load that was taken off his shoulders because of the two other elite players who would carry the team with LeBron on the bench. AND, D-Wade or not, Chris Bosh or not, LeBron would still have a better team then in Cleveland, because of Miami's varied bench.

Two things Lebron said he wanted was money and a championship ring. He could have gotten both of those things at Cleveland not the Heat. Maimi was a bad choice because he gets 30 million less signing with the Heat. Another problem is 3 superstars on a team won't work because they'll all want the attention. (Dan Gilbert did the right thing by speaking up about Lebron's Decision)

People, we are witnesses of a traitor and loser.

I know it sounds like I'm trashing Lebron.......because I am. Lebron should not have chosen Miami. I don't think that he looked at the last time the Heat had a confident playoff birth. I don't blame him forwanting to switch teams,but a more
sensible choice would be Chicago,with Kyle Korver, or New York. I doubt that Miami will when a Championship this year.
They will when before Lebron moves to another team or retires. Lebron should not be critisized for wanting to leave Cleveland. If they really wanted Lebron to stay they should have put a trophie in his hand and a ring on his finger.

Ya i mean Parkers not really star power but hes a decent role player. Shaq did nothing for them. MO and Jamison were the only ones that did a lot for the cavs besides Lebron.

Yes u are correct Lebron wimped out.....sorry

Yes Lebron could have try harder. Yes Cleveland did put star power behind him. Cleveland got most of those players on a cheap contract.(EX.) Shaq was retiring this year so they got him for a one-year cheap contract. Yes, also Lebron should have stuck in with Cleveland. I really hope Cleveland wins this year.

But best of luck to Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

Dude the Cavaliers front office tried so many times to put star power by him.
ex. Jamison, Mo, Shaq, Parker, etc.... It's not the cavaliers fault for not winning "The King" a ring. Part of the blame falls on him for not stepping it up in Crunch time.

Take a chill pill, man.

seriously chillax

We`re you`re worst nightmare Dan Gilbert!And if you want to track us down, We`ll give you three clues:
1.Our home state,Miami.
2.Our ages,26,28.
3.Our names,Chris Bosh and D-Wade!

Point Pitcher,

IF Lebron thinks he can come into Miami and take the glory from Wade he is sadly mistaken.
He has to have nerve to betray the team that gave him his great start.On the other side of things,
Cleveland,in the wise words of Beyonnce,"if u liked than u should have put a ring on it.

Go Celtics,go Ray Allen

Miami has always Wade Nation. If Lebron thinks he take Miami away from Wade he is mistaken.
Just so u know I'm not a Cleveland fan, I am a Celtics nut. Go Ray Allen

The fathead did not look good anyway. don't buy it

The fathead did not look good anyway. don't buy it

The fathead did not look good anyway. don't buy it

The fathead did not look good anyway. don't buy it

Yes it might be written Benedict Arnold on it anyway

ok the shirt is amazing im gonna hav 2 buy 1 but the fathead is a little ovet done but understandable no one would buy one anyway this coming from a cavs fan who lost a superstar

He's gone, that's that. It doesn't mean he can critizice his every move.

Cool down its not like you are moving to Alaska!

This is crazy. Sure, Gilbert and Clevelanders ought to be disappointed, but they're acting like James did something completely unheard of and cruel. Maybe 'The Decision' was a little unnecessary, but LeBron made a reasonable decision. He went where he'd have the best chance at winning that elusive championship. I say Gilbert is the bigger traitor for insulting LeBron as soon as he did something Gilbert didn't like. If he can win a championship without James (and before James) then it shouldn't be such a big deal he left.

(And lowering the price of his Fathead? That just makes Gilbert look silly.)

He did the right thing he did what he needed to do to and he did what he felt would boost his career and help his family! so ya`ll need to back off and stop acting like he`s the devil!!! That means STOP burning his jersays its not going to bring him back get over it!

Its true if thats what helps him provide for his family then right on! Nice oppinoin AthleteArtist! :)

Go Dan Gilbert!!!!!!!! LeBron(cough cough)I mean LeDumb I hope da Heat stink nxt yr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go 'Melo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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