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John Wall Gets a Sneaker

  • GearHead
  • Duane Munn
  • June 23, 2010, 2:09 PM

Courtesy of Reebok

There's a 99.999999% chance John Wall will be the #1 pick of the 2010 NBA Draft tomorrow. But Reebok's not waiting until tomorrow to make the former Kentucky Wildcats pg their top rookie.

Earlier today, Team Reebok announced that Wall would be the signature athlete for their new Zigtech line of basketball sneakers. When The Great Wall takes the court for his rookie season later this year, he'll do so in a pair of state-of-the-art ZigTech Slashes.

Hmm... any coincidence that Wall's new shoes fit the color scheme of the Washington Wizards? Methinks no.

Hmm pt. II... be sure to check back here later today/tomorrow. Someone at might have caught up to Wall during the event to talk about the new sneaker, the NBA Draft, and more. Just sayin.

Be sure to let me know what you think of Wall's new sneaks in the comments section!

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the shope is too high of a high top to play basketball in but if u like cut it off (lol yea right)it be amazing. the picture of him holding it is really cool tho because his shirt matches the shoe. lol. it is kinda early to have his own shoe bcuz he JUST got drafted.

and that picture of him is cool because you can't see the yellow logo on the shoe

sick kicks for j-wall but reebok really how about adidas or nike like LeBron or Dwight C'mon man.

thats ridicoulis he asnt evenplayed a pro game yet

your point being......
cause he's a beast!

love da shoes but da logo is a lil to much!!!!!!!:)

cool but i dont like the yellow Reebok logo



same here

same here

yea they are hot but dat logo is to much!!!!!!!!:)

i don't etha

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