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2010 NBA Mock Draft

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  • Gary Gramling
  • June 21, 2010, 5:15 PM

The Finals are over (who won that thing, anyway?). And so begins the BIGGEST OFFSEASON IN NBA HISTORY! LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh are all free agents. Maybe your team won't land one of them, but you can lock up a fine young player in Thursday's NBA Draft...

1 Washington Wizards
John Wall, PG, Kentucky
A no-brainer pick. Wall is the best bet to become a superstar in this draft class. He's in the Rajon Rondo/Derrick Rose class of upcoming star point guards.
2 Philadelphia 76ers
Evan Turner, SG, Ohio State
Sure, Turner's not a perfect fit alongside Andre Iguodala. But unless they trade out of this spot, the Sixers can't pass on the clear-cut second-best player in the draft. Turner is so versatile that he'll figure out a way to contribute in Philly. 
3 New Jersey Nets
Derrick Favors, PF, Georgia Tech
He was a bit of a disappointment on a Georgia Tech team that never meshed, but Favors has the potential to become an All-Star power forward. Few players can match his combination of size (6' 10" with long arms), athleticism, and skill.
4 Minnesota Timberwolves
Wesley Johnson, SF, Syracuse
A year after taking Syracuse point guard Jonny Flynn, the T-Wolves will go Orange again. Johnson brings exactly the kind of size and versatility they need on the wing.
5 Sacramento Kings
DeMarcus Cousins, C, Kentucky
Cousins is the biggest question mark in the draft. Is he the next Shaq, or the next Eddy Curry? There are plenty of questions about his attitude and work ethic. But very rarely do you find a 6' 11", 300-pounder who has great touch and is very light on his feet. The Kings should take the risk and grab Cousins.
6 Golden State Warriors
Greg Monroe, C/PF, Georgetown
The Warriors are the Draft's biggest mystery team. It looks like head coach Don Nelson will not return next season, which means Golden State could abandon their run-and-gun style. With Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis in the backcourt, a smart big man who can distribute the ball like Monroe could fit well if the Warriors decide to slow things down.
7 Detroit Pistons
Al-Farouq Aminu, SF, Wake Forest
Yikes! The Pistons are coming off a nightmare season, and at this point they just need to add all the young talent they can get. Aminu would be the best player left in this spot. He's a very versatile, very athletic player who could play either forward spot. He could have a very similar career to Lamar Odom.
8 Los Angeles Clippers
Luke Babbitt, SF, Nevada
The Clippers would probably love a chance to get Aminu, but if he's not on the board Babbitt would be a nice consolation prize. He has good size for a small forward and can really shoot it from three. Defense could be an issue in the NBA, but there's little doubt Babbitt will make the Clippers very hard to guard.
9 Utah Jazz
(from Knicks via Suns)
Ed Davis, PF, North Carolina
With Carlos Boozer likely to leave in free agency, the Jazz need to add some low post talent. Davis's shot-blocking ability is something Utah doesn't have in their current big men, Mehmet Okur and Paul Millsap.
10 Indiana Pacers
Gordon Hayward, SF, Butler
The Pacers will be able to swing some trades between now and the end of the 2010-11 season, so they should be looking to take the best player available. And that player just happens to be a hometown hero. Along with growing up in Indiana and leading Butler to the national championship game, Hayward also has the kind of versatile offensive game that will make him a solid contributor in the pros.
11 New Orleans Hornets
Cole Aldrich, C, Kansas
The Hornets would be very lucky to see Aldrich fall to them. The big man took a bit of a back seat offensively for Kansas last season, but he has good size and athleticism and will immediately help as a rebounder and defender. He's never going to score 20 points per game, but Aldrich could easily average a double-double.
12 Memphis Grizzlies
Xavier Henry, SG/SF, Kansas
The Grizzlies may not be able to keep free agent Rudy Gay, so Henry could be his replacement. Memphis has lots of players who thrive with the ball in their hands, but Henry would give them a three-point threat who can play off-the-ball.
13 Toronto Raptors
Avery Bradley, PG/SG, Texas 
The Raptors will likely lose free agent star Chris Bosh, and they're looking to trade point guard Jose Calderon. With so many holes in their lineup, Bradley would be a big help. He can play either guard spot, and while he's not an offensive force he's an incredible defender -- the best guard in the draft at the defensive end.
14 Houston Rockets
Patrick Patterson, PF, Kentucky
Patterson is one of my favorite players in this draft. He's never going to be a scoring star, but he's a rebounding machine and a great low-post defender. The Rockets could give him big minutes behind Yao Ming and Luis Scola next season.
15 Milwaukee Bucks
(from Bulls)
Ekpe Udoh, PF, Baylor
The Bucks love players who work hard defensively, so Udoh would fit in great. His shot-blocking and rebounding could take a lot of pressure off injury-prone big man Andrew Bogut.
16 Minnesota Timberwolves
(from Bobcats via Nuggets)
Paul George, SF/SG, Fresno State
George might be the most versatile player in the draft. He's big (6' 8"), but has the ball-handling and passing skills of a guard. He was never dominant in college, playing for a mediocre Fresno team. But he could be a very nice role player in the NBA.
17 Chicago Bulls
(from Bucks)
Damion James, SF, Texas
The Bulls love loading up on college veterans, and James has the experience and work ethic they look for. He can play three positions in the NBA and has the kind of toughness to contribute immediately as a rookie.
18 Miami Heat
Larry Sanders, PF, VCU
Sanders might be the most athletic big man in the draft, and he showed some major improvements on the offensive end last season. He'll have a big leap to make coming from a mid-major school, and at 220 pounds he'll have to add some muscle. But he's a long-term project who could pay off big-time in a few years.
19 Boston Celtics
Solomon Alabi, C, Florida State
If the Celtics had some capable big men at the end of the bench instead of Shelden Williams last season, they would be celebrating an NBA title right now. Alabi is a solid center who's ready to contribute in the NBA next season. The Celtics need a guy like this in case Kendrick Perkins gets injured again.
20 San Antonio Spurs
James Anderson, SG, Oklahoma St.
Richard Jefferson had a shaky season in San Antonio, and the Spurs should look to add some young talent on the wings. Anderson is a big-time scorer -- he can shoot the three, pull up from midrange, or attack the basket. He could be a valuable sixth man for the Spurs.
21 Oklahoma City Thunder
Daniel Orton, C, Kentucky
Orton has the talent of a lottery pick, but he rarely got to show it last season while backing up DeMarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson for the Wildcats. He's a fierce shot-blocker who can anchor the interior defense for the Thunder. It just might be a year or two before he's ready to contribute in the NBA.
22 Portland Trail Blazers
Eric Bledsoe, PG, Kentucky
The Blazers need a point guard who can back up Andre Miller next season and take over as the starter in another year or two. With his strength and quickness, Bledsoe could very well fill that role.
23 Minnesota Timberwolves
(from Jazz via 76ers)
Kevin Seraphin, PF, France
The T-Wolves have three first-round picks, so expect them to use one of them on a foreign player they can "stash" overseas this year. Seraphin is the best international prospect in the draft, an ultra-athletic power forward with long arms and plenty of muscle. He needs to add some polish to his game, especially on the offensive end. But he has the potential to be one of the NBA's better power forwards in five years.
24 Atlanta Hawks
Hassan Whiteside, C, Marshall
Whiteside has an intriguing blend of talent. He's a 7-footer who can block shots, but also has a nice shooting touch. He may not have the strength to anchor in the low post, and some teams have questioned his attitude. But Whiteside could be a match-up problem for opposing big men. The Hawks would be lucky to nab him this late.
25 Memphis Grizzlies
(from Nuggets)
Eliot Williams, SG, Memphis
The Grizzlies would do well to nab local star Williams. He would fit in great as a sixth man with his ability to play either guard position. He brings lockdown defense and is still improving on the offensive end.
26 Oklahoma City Thunder
(from Suns)
Quincy Pondexter, SF, Washington
Pondexter doesn't score a ton, but he does everything else well. And, let's face it, between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the Thunder won't have a big need for more scoring. Pondexter's versatility would make him a nice player to bring off the bench.
27 New Jersey Nets
(from Mavericks)
Devin Ebanks, SF, West Virginia
Ebanks is a little shaky when it comes to ball-handling and shooting, but he's very athletic and should contribute as a defender and rebounder. He also shows some nice court vision for a forward.
28 Memphis Grizzlies
(from Lakers)
Tibor Pleiss, C/PF, Germany
Like the T-Wolves, the Grizzlies own three first-round picks and will likely use one on an international player. Not many teams have the roster space to carry three rookies. Pleiss is a skinny 7-footer who rebounds very well and shows very nice touch around the basket. He needs to bulk up, but Pleiss is only 20 years old and has a chance to grow into a fine NBA big man one day.
29 Orlando Magic
Dominique Jones, SG, South Florida
The Magic are in need of a backcourt playmaker on their bench, as they relied too heavily on Jameer Nelson during the playoffs. Jones fits the bill as an aggressive combo guard who could score in bunches as a sixth man.
30 Washington Wizards
(from Cavaliers)
Trevor Booker, PF, Clemson
Wizards coach Flip Saunders has never asked his big men to do a ton of scoring -- they mostly play strong defense and set crushing screens. Booker could fill that role in Washington. He has a football player's build and should get the job done as a role player alongside new franchise point guard John Wall.


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i'll be surprised if anyone replies to this comment GOHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d-wade c-bosh and l-james r all on the heat!!!!!!

I hope Lebron goes to the bulls so they win it all. Dereke Rose + Lebron James = Lots of throfys... They will beat the buck,The Cavs,every team in NBA cause I said so!!! The Celitics won't take James Anderson. They SHOULD OF LOST ANYWAY.

sweet man

sweet man

i'm so glad Trevor booker is on d wizards.

how do i get a wii in my mascots room

I still think that John Wall,and DeMarcus Cousins should wait at least one more year to win a title for Kentucky.

No,I think they should be good enough to play in the NBA.

Yes! That's the second straight year the Timberwolves have picked a player from Syracuse. Last year, Jonny Flynn. This year, Wesley Johnson

I didn't even notice that.

I am a Syracuse fan, so go Denver,Minnesota, and Sacramento. Denver rocks!

I'm a Syracuse fan,too.But I'm cheering for the Toronto Raptors!

i do not like basketball

What are you talking about?Basketball is awesome!

You GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basketball rocks.


why did the cavs trade there pick because they just lost LJ and now they dont have any pick to replace him just in case of LJ dosnt sign with them

the lakers are good but not better than da jays!!!!!!!:)

yeah they r the best specaily kobey

Lakers stinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

lakers do not stink nuggets do or wateva team u like lakers r beasten' so get it rite please.

No they don't.

lakers stink thats right

how did this thing get posted without getting flagged?

I'm lovin' it!!!

The celtics sould of one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no way the lakers are awesome especialy when they have kobe


yo u are so right

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