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Sneak Peek: July Issue

Sorry. You're on your own trying to figure out the July cover athlete!

The July issue of Sports Illustrated Kids should be hitting mailboxes any day now... but just like last month, we're giving you guys an early look at the new issue right here on!

Scroll to the bottom of this article (or click the "More" tab if you're on the News & Blogs page) for a close-up of this month's cover athlete. After you've checked it out, be sure to hit up the comments section and let us know what you think!

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I thought Barry Bonds too, sadly.


u r sooooooooooo right Ubaldo Jimemz should be on the cover

@dmunn: I haven't received my prizes from the t-shirt contest. Are they on there way?

yea haha

i guessed right Kung-Fu panda!!!! Go giants!

It should be Ubaldo Himeniz or Roy Halladay or both. Go Rockies

Wow 1/4 thats pretty bad. The right spelling is Ubaldo Jimenez.


It isn't either of those. It's Ublado Jimeniez

its ubaldo jimeniz not himeniz baseballbad98

I guessed right! Pablo Sandoval

yeah right

I didnt even know.cant wait to see what it is about

I totally guessed it!!

I was guessing Tim Lincecum he really rocks

is im lincicum tan

I guessed Sandoval!!! :)

no. its probably pablo sandoval or bengie molina diving into mccovey cove because its showing he hit another splash hit.

Sweet! I was right! When I saw the Giants uniform I knew it was Pablo Sandoval! I was hoping it would be Tim Lincecum, even though I am a Yankee fan.


I don't even know who he is.

heck yeah!

Me too, I think it should have been Stephen Strosburg.

I think it should have benn tim lincecum

I guessed Lincecum

I gussed right but Matt Cain, Barry Zito, or Tim Lincecum could have been it.

i was right!!!!!!!!!!

So was i. I was about to guess bengie molina but he is smaller.

I didn't see the "Giants" uniform!

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