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Nike: All Together Video

Courtesy of Nike

Just in case you guys still need a little more "pysching-up" for the start of the NBA Finals (and if I have to tell you Game 1's tonight, you need more pysching-up), here's a new commercial from Nike, scheduled to begin running on TV's (it's already on youtube) later today.

Here's my question: is Nike jinxing Kobe's quest for a fifth ring by running such a clip/tribute* before the games have begun? What do you think? Weigh in after the break in the Comments section...

*If you listened to our NBA Finals podcast, you already know I think the Lakers will win in 6, jinx or no jinx.

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Can you get this up on itunes so fans can download it.

I don't like Tim Tebow, but after seeing the picture drawn of him on the t-shirt contest, well, that's pretty darn good.

that was kinda funny at the beginnning :)

That is sick

That was awesome

I've got a pic of KG dunking on "Boom Boom Pau"(My nickname for Pau Gasol) at the '08 Finals.

NBA Finals game 2 pick: Lakers

That's a really corny nick name


It's All just a tribute kobe.

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